5 Tips to Take Care of your Skin

Okay, so if you guys are not already aware, I recently got married. And yes, there are going to be loads of post about it, if at all you guys are interested to know about it!

Mine was not a wedding carnival but an extended celebration for sure. And I, of course, had to look my personal best. Few things which I have learned about taking care of skin during this amazing time is something I am going to share today in this post.

Everybody dreams of flawless and acne free skin. You are happy, excited or else stressed; your face shows it off. As per experts, you can stay beautiful if you take care of your skin on a regular basis. You have to pamper yourself on a daily basis to stay beautiful.

Having said that, I don’t mean that you HAVE to look beautiful. I just want you to feel beautiful and be comfortable in your own skin. Just keep your skin healthy.

1. Avoid sun exposure

One of the best ways to stay beautiful and preventing your skin from all kind of damage is to apply sunscreen with SPF. SPF should be 15 which help together from UVB and UVA rays and you can easily buy sunscreen using Nykaa Sale offer. I usually use an SPF 30+ for my hands and body and SPF 70 for my face because I live in Hyderabad and here the sun is worse than Delhi. Avoiding sun exposure is the perfect way to take care of your skin. In this way, you can prevent your skin from any damages such as age spots, wrinkles along with numerous other skin problems. By protecting your skin from sun rays you will offer it a long life, just make sure that the sunscreen you choose should be according to your skin type. It should avoid labels such as non-acnegenic or noncomedogenic so that it should not block your skin pores. Always put on the sunscreen when you go outside, whether it is cloudy or else cold or any other climate but you should not avoid applying it. When you are on a beach enjoying holidays you have to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 to take care of your skin. 

Style statements are good with hats and glasses but sunscreens are a must!

2. Remove makeup before going to bed

I have learned this the hard way. Don’t ever go to bed with your makeup on as it will ruin your skin and will damage it from the roots. Always make sure to clean up your makeup before hitting sheets and let your skin to breathe overnight. Leaving make-up on your skin will clog your pores and which results in blackheads. No need to use the make remover for this, instead use olive oil or else coconut oil to remove makeup. Just use a cotton ball to remove, makeup and dirt with the help of oils. If you have oily skin, you can use micellar water too. Exfoliation is the must which should be done twice a week to remove dust. It is the best you can do for your skin and which will offer you brighter and healthy skin. You can also exfoliate your skin by applying a paste of walnut along with yoghurt as antioxidants in walnuts will work wonders and also promote radiant skin.

3. Eat Healthily

Choosing what you should eat to take care of your skin is necessary. You should carefully decide what you should consume and what you should avoid. Including greens, fresh fruits, vitamins as well as protein in your daily diet will offer you healthier skin. Taking care of your skin promotes radiant skin, and for this, you should consume a diet fully packed with vitamin C.

All you need is an abundance of vital nutrients.

4. Take enough sleep

Taking care of skin requires a proper routine which includes at least eight hours of sleep every night. Your skin shows what you experience and if you don’t get time to rest you will get a tired skin automatically. To heal tired skin, you can also apply a honey mask twice a week to get a smooth and fresh look. As per skin experts, you have to wash your face and remove your makeup daily before going to bed, and if you have dry skin, you should use mild cleansers and have to apply a lot of moisturizers to stay hydrated. Avoiding hot water on dry skin is vital as it will dry out your skin more.

5. Exercise often

Did you notice that after exercising your skin glows? It may be tired or sweaty, but it glows. It is a fact that exercising regularly not only benefits your overall health but offers a glowing and healthy skin too. Sweating after a workout is the best way for clearing skin as it assists your sweat to remove toxins. Exercising also offers muscle toning and which ultimately leads to healthier skin. Post-workout glow is what you get when you exercise. By exercising on a daily basis your skin starts producing natural oils and which maintain your skin to moisturize naturally and so receives an excellent dose of oxygenated blood.

It’s very much difficult to protect your skin from the harsh environment, but if you take care of your skin on a daily basis you will for sure get rewards of your efforts.

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