Happy New Year | 2019

For the very first time, I did not have any expectations from the new year. In fact, it did not feel like a new year. And very first lesson that I (re)learned in 2019 is that expect or not, if life has to disappoint you, it will – no matter what. So, when they say that only expectations hurt, it is not true.

However, I am not really starting off this year on a negative note. The year 2018 was pretty eventful in every sense. I am not really sure if it was a good year or not but I saw and learned a lot. I saw myself change for good. One, I learned the beauty of being thankful and grateful for everything that I have in life. I saw myself really complaining less about the things that I don’t have – or may be I stopped giving any flying worries to them. Second, I have become more patient with things which are not completely in my control.

I really don’t have many expectations from this year but yes, I hope I see some major changes – good or bad – but definitely whatever is required to make me grow! Phew, such stupid and heavy words.

And that is enough about me. I really, with all my heart and soul, pray that everyone on this planet gets what they deserve (at the right time) in the year that has just started. I don’t know about the new-year-new-me concept but I really hope that you are able to do everything that keeps your mind, body and soul content. Chuck that stupid rat race, it is not worth your time and worries. Life is fair in it’s own ways – just have faith.

Sending loads of love and wishing you all a very happy new year.


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