Struggles When your Bae is NOT a Superhero Fan!

First, let me get it very clear – when I say superhero, I mean by the action heroes of the latest pop culture and not Shaktiman. Secondly, I have grown old now and using pop culture references (read Bae) makes me feel a li’l bit younger. *sigh*I have been a girl who believes in every kind of fantasy and is happy living in her make-believe world. From Alice in Wonderland to Cinderella to Harry Potter to the Marvel Comic superheroes, I am a huge fan! And I enjoy both the movies and the books – alike. After a long-lasting debate with myself, I have come to terms with the fact that both the books and movies have their own beauty and the comparison can be avoided.

Being a girl, it is okay to be in love with Cinderella and Harry Potter. However, people usually lose their shit when a girl is a superhero (read Marvel or DC or Anime) fan. Until now, I thought that this a real struggle. Then I started dating a non-superhero fan. And let me tell you very honestly, this struggle is real!

Before I start ranting about that, *spoiler* for all sexist fans – Captain Marvel is on the rescue mission! Hell, yeah! 

Knowing the superhero compatibility has always been one of the things that I have adhered to on the first dates. But with this one, it was different because, well, he is cute. I ignored the fact for some time. But reality had to strike.

1. It hurts when you have to explain your own jokes – as they are using direct references to some half God or some rich and genius philanthropist!

2. It hurts equally when you are laughing hard at some internet meme and you have to explain them to your bae as well. And there goes an entire romantic date that you have planned. I end up summarizing the whole Marvel/ Harry Potter universe at times!

3. Gifting them is not as easy as the fans! He probably knows how to cheer me up. Any action figure which I don’t have or probably any comic book that I am yet to read is something which is never going to get old. But, when you know the other person is not going to have a similar choice, cheering them up after a fight or a bad is all the more difficult!

4. It is frustrating when you have to make a choice between Comicon or a short weekend trip/ other “interesting” things. And the task of making them see what is more important is Herculean.

5. You can never explain why staying in and watching Agent of the S.H.I.E.L.D. or a Harry Potter movie marathon is a far better idea than pub hopping or romantic dinner date. And I have completely given up on that now.

6. Talking of movies – it takes a whole new deal to ask for a movie date to your favourite movie. It comes with a price – a nice trade-off.

At times, it gets on my nerves but I am pretty happy with how things are right now! Love over everything else. 

But you know your bae is still into you when he/she accepts the way you are and decides to give you a company in your fandom. My bae recently took me to the Avengers: Infinity War as a return gift on his birthday. He agreed to go because he thought that I have been too sweet to him on his birthday and that I deserve a treat. He had never watched any Marvel movie before. He went for my sake. I was already teary eyed. The movie ending gave me another reason to cry. But then, I hear him say, ” It is just a movie. And moreover, the soul stone and the time stone will bring back the Avengers!” I have never had any moment prouder than this!

And he has been initiated! Finally!

And now, I won’t be revising the Avenger series alone when the next movie comes in 2019!

‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’

PS: Next, I am going to make him watch the X-men! 

  1. Hello Sushmita , My nephew is just like you 100% . I have to keep on listening and trying to understand why is he so much gungho about those Super-heroes. I like to read comics and my favorite was Fantom but that was childhood fantasy. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

  2. Gosh! I can relate to this totally! Although, I am on your bae's side and my son is on yours. He keeps asking me in a 1000 different ways why I dont have a favourite super hero. He has even narrated a whole lot of pop culture stories and updated me on the latest happenings. I feel his pain now…through your post…thank you for writing this one.
    #MayuraReads #MyFriendAlexa

  3. Finally sk.eone said the truth! It is initially weird to date a casual fan but ultimately you learn to accept the different interests. By the way, as a DC fanboy, it is my duty to tell you that DC is better 😛

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