Take that Perfect Selfie!

Taking selfie is an art. And I am not an artist when it comes to taking selfies.

Taking selfies seemed like a stupid idea when it emerged – with all that duck faces – but eventually, it became an advanced version of freezing your memories in time, with you in it. Taking a picture of your happy place with your face showing that utter happiness is a great way to deal with the morbidness of your life in the future when you miss that happy place and the happy you, isn’t it?

I don’t take great selfies. In fact, I don’t really know how to capture that great selfie with a perfect background. I don’t take selfies to post them either on my social media. I take selfies to preserve memories with people who matter the most to me and at the places which are my happy places. 

I decided to write this post to share few of my favourite selfies. They might not be the perfect photographs but they are close to my heart.

The first selfie is my first family selfie ever with the new member, my nephew. This might not be a great picture but the moment that this photo has preserved is super close to my heart. It is taken two months after my nephew is born, on my birthday and we are all together celebrating it! I am completely in love with this one!

The next one is a more dramatic one. Though this is a badly taken selfie – with bad lights and bad angle – this one is my life changing selfie. It was taken on my first breakfast date with this guy whom I met just like that. I had no clue that later on he is going to be the man of my dreams and the guy with whom I am going to share the rest of my life! Of course, this one has great memories and a pretty embarrassing story attached to it!

That is why few moments are meant to be captured – so that they remain there forever. After taking a number of bad pictures, I have finally learned how to take good selfies. Apart from having a good selfie camera, there are few tips I have for that perfect selfie experience!

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I am sure these tips are going to help you take great selfies if you are already not a pro in it!

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