Mini Instagram Post. Post 11. Black and White Chaos

A time when life is undoubtedly mundane and sad, this can be my way of finding the light I’m the darkness – colours in the colourless – and embracing things as they are.
Colours give a new definition to everything around us. However, certain things look equally spectacular in black and white.
Black and White,
The purity they define.
No lie of colours,
There is no colour divide
I see worlds within the world,
I read the words between the lines! 
The magnificent roof of the Louvre, Abu Dhabi brings out the best of the Islamic and Greek style of architecture by French architecture. A hub where art meets life. The light filters through this glass pattern into the museum, in its own chaotic way.
Let your life be the same. Chaotic yet filled with rays of hope.
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Picture Credits : Rohan Raizada