Month: May 2018

7 Reasons Why You Should Disconnect While Traveling

Once a luxury, having a wi-fi connection used to be all the rage but today being constantly connected can have many pitfalls. This is because too much technology can consume your daily…

Mini Instagram Post. Post 11. Black and White Chaos

 A time when life is undoubtedly mundane and sad, this can be my way of finding the light I’m the darkness – colours in the colourless – and embracing things as they are. …

#RealMe1: The Real Disruptor

If you thought that the disruption in the telecom industry is being brought by JIO after launching its postpaid plan, you might want to think again! The disruptor in the mobile phone…

Take that Perfect Selfie! #Mobiistar

Taking selfie is an art. And I am not an artist when it comes to taking selfies. Taking selfies seemed like a stupid idea when it emerged – with all that duck…

Secrets of Safe Online Dating

Before anything else, I need to clear one thing – I have never considered online dating an option. Though Tinder gained popularity when I was too single for my age, I did…

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