Month: April 2018

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! K : Kebabs

One food item that has to be mentioned about Delhi! For me, kebabs are the go-to food.  So, my favourite type of kebab is Galouti kebab which is fundamentally from Lucknow but the ones…

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! J: Jugaad

We invented Jugaad!  Yes, we did. Jugaad is now a globally accepted term in the field of innovation. It literally meant a smart, intelligent, low cost and effective workaround for any situation. An…

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! I: India Gate

Though I have already written about the wonderful gates of the city of Delhi, India Gate is something which has always captivated me in its awe! It is one of the landmark…

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! H: (Rich) History

All right, Delhi has a rich history. And I mentioned this in the previous post. If I take in consideration the iconic city of Indraprastha, then the present day Delhi is the…

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! G: Gates of Delhi

Delhi is architecturally beautiful because it has a great history attached to it! From the 8th centrury to the 20th Century, vaious gates were build around this walled city – which marked…

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! F: Food!

Food heaven – that is what I can safely call Delhi. Delhi is famous for the delicacies that it has to offer. From the street food to the amazing restaurants, Delhi will…

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! E: Eco Friendly

No matter how much Delhi is rebuked by environmentalists and the media today, there are reasons why Delhi is one the cities of the world which have taken various steps to be…

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! D: Dilli ki Sardi

Off lately, Delhi winters are in the news for all the bad reasons. One of them is, of course, the smog which makes it not only difficult to breathe but also passively…

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! C: Connaught Place

Delhi is the heart of this beautiful nation. And Connaught Place, or fondly known as CP, is the heart of this amazing city which I am trying to cover during the course…

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