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Sometimes I feel that I have created my own designer drug. Whenever I feel sad or too lonely and just need my me time, I run away to someplace. I am not very proud of my escapist tendencies. But still, I might not be having great savings for my future but at least I lived nicely in my present.

And whenever I am sad and literally on the verge of breaking down, I find writing about such experiences as a great therapy for myself. So last year, I had an accidental trip to Chennai and had a great luxury escape for myself at the Westin Chennai Velachery. I will be writing about the travel experience soon but I really need this therapy right now!

Though I did not visit Chennai during the best of the months, I was welcomed with li’l drizzling and almost no sunshine at all. The moment I landed, I headed straight to this wonderful place called The Westin Chennai Velachery. When I booked it through one of the online portals, I did not really know that I was going to have such an amazing time!

The moment I entered, I was welcomed by a very friendly and warm help desk. And that kind of laid the foundation for my ultra cool luxury weekend that followed! I had an early check-in so I decided to sleep first.

The room that I was given was spacious and very cosy! I instantly fell in love with it!

As I have always said that I judge a hotel by its bathroom, this place certainly did not disappoint me!

I also got complimentary lounge access for the evening. Since I was on a break – I decided to oblige to the invitation and spent some time in the lounge! I have very less picture from this trip – I have no clue why!

The food here is great! It is pretty amazing. I have spent a good three night here. And every day, the food I ordered, all from different cuisine, did not fail to surprise me.

This is the most amazing and overloaded pizza I have ever had. I was confused so the chef specially curated this one for me!
If you crave for authentic North Indian food when in South India, five-star hotels are where you should go!

The breakfast buffet here is great too! And the attendants here just made me feel like the most important person on the earth. I am totally amazed by the hospitality of this hotel!

I did not even know what did I do to deserve such kind of treatment. I opted for vanilla milkshake for the first two days, the third day the attendant had it already prepared for me on my table. I was in tears!

No matter how huge the breakfast spread is, all I want is a pancake. WIth loads of condiments.

I had my share of relaxing evenings at the poolside, which is completely beautiful!

This is how the pool looked from my floor.
This is the hallway which leads to the Pool.

I did not take pictures of the pool because few people were there relaxing and I did not want to give them a creepy vibe around them! And also, I wanted to leave my camera aside and just dive in!

I ventured out in Chennai after one full day of chilling inside this wonderful hotel.

On the day of my check out, I was completely happy because of the wonderful weekend that I had. But these people, they became a family and definitely succeeded in making me li’l emotional with their wonderful gesture!

Thank you, Westin, for a wonderful weekend and the great hospitality! The next time I am in Chennai, I know where to stay, without any second thoughts!

  1. I have stayed at Westin before and I totally agree that the luxury they offer is top notch. Some great pics there and am sure you had a lovely stay :).

  2. How sweet! Chennai people are anyway capable of doing so much for their guests I am sure. As for Westin Chennai, mera naam rakh liya 🙂 Nice post

  3. Lovely pics and great description. seems like an exciting place, would love to visit if get a chance in future. enjoyed reading your experience. #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  4. I have lived in Chennai for a very long time though now I live in Kochi. I am happy that Chennai gave you such a wonderful welcome and you are happy with the treatment that you were meted out. Most north Indians come back cursing Chennai and the only thing they have to tell me about Chennai is that it sucks. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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