Things Nobody Told you About Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are the in thing nowadays!Surely, they are good for your health. I am not a fan of detox drinks which are available in the market. I rather prefer the natural fruits and fruit infused water as my detox drinks.

Two years ago, when I started off with my regime to get fit, I used to drink an amazing concoction of mint, cucumber, ginger and lemon. It was nothing – just water infused with these ingredients and it did wonder to me! 

The only thing that was tiresome about this detox drink was that I had to wait for 4-5 hours before consuming it. And I could make only a limited amount of this drink. Why? Because infuser bottles were not so popular then.

But I am glad that now we have #Instacuppa. Remember how I talked about their Green tea infuser bottle in the last post? Instacuppa also offers fruit infuser water bottle and thermos with fruit infuser.

The thermos is probably the best thing that you can get if you are a body detoxification freak! I will tell you why! All you have to do is just put in your fruits or other ingredients which you want to use, close it, wait for some time and sip up whenever you want. The process of making and drinking the detox infused water is so dynamic. The thermos is amazing. As they say – With every accessory you want, this will be your best most versatile water bottle ever. Make 100 of detox drinks with your infuser rod and the thermos using the free recipe book which comes with this thermos. Also, this is a great companion for an office desk – these don’t sweat!

And trust me, infusing your water with fruits is a good idea. I will tell you why. As we all know that water is the ultimate detox drink, we still skip drinking a good amount because we are humans and we hate monotony. Infusing your water with strawberries or kiwis or apples make it taste different and thus you tend to drink more water.

Body detox is important and detox drinks are certainly the best way to detox. But there are certain myths about detox drinks that I would want to bust today!

Myth 1
Detox drinks are the quickest way to lose weight

Wrong! Detox drinks HELP in losing weight. You should have a healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet with the right amount of exercise for losing weight effectively. And of course, you have to stick to that regime for making the weight loss persistent!

Myth 2
Detox drinks need no exercising

I requote what I just stated above!

Myth 3
Drinking excess of water will detoxify the body

No! Anything in excess is bad. Drinking a good amount of water is good for your kidneys and liver but that doesn’t mean you overdo it!

These are the most common myths revolving around detox drinks. I hope you enjoy drinking your way to a healthy life in a well-informed manner!

  1. Ditto! There are so many myths around drinking infused water. Nicely clarified in this post. #SuperBloggerChallenge 2018, #InstaCuppa

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