#CuttingPaani: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

I have been thinking of writing about saving our resources in the workplace. The irony, work is keeping me away from writing anything like that. I am glad that Livpure came up with this great initiative of #CuttingPani – simply meaning that charity starts at home.

The idea is simple – to reduce the wastage of water. When you know that you have a thirst for half a glass of water, why take a full glass and waste the water?

We are in a sorry state right now when it comes to water and water conservation.

That doesn’t look like a happy place to be!

However, we can still give back a li’l to the mother earth by doing our bit. It doesn’t require a lot of efforts.

Reduce: Fill your glass to the optimum level – that is – only the amount that you wish to drink. 

Now, this tip is a handy one if you are eating out. You can always ask your server not to fill the full glass.

At home, you are your own boss! No one knows your requirement better than you!
Liked the idea? Please sign the petition here.
If you have guests at your place, you can always offer empty glasses and a water bottle to reduce wastage.
I prefer steel over glass, just saying!
Reuse: Store your unused water for drinking it later. 
Filled your glass with too much of water? Store it in a tumbler to drink later. Or better still, keep a personal tumbler to drink water out of it when you feel like. I always do that!
Quite moyivationam, isn’t? Also, it holds 380ml water. So it keeps me on my toes as I drink a lot of water throughout the day!
Recycle: Use the unused drinking water to water plants, cleaning floors, washing car etc!
Reducing and reusing did not help much? Recycle the unused water to do various household chores. It is not a bad idea at all!
This is the need of the hour. Trust me, it’s high time we start doing something towards it!
  1. Someone has rightly said that the next war will be fought on water. The recent news regarding Day 0 approaching in Cape Town where people are banned to use water for gardens, pools, washing cars and even allowed only 2 minutes of bathing time worth of water has shocked everyone across the world. A lot many cities including many in India are facing such a dangerous situation. Therefore it becomes even more important to conserve water in whatever ways are possible.

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