A Day In a Life of a Consultant…who is struggling to keep her personal blog intact!

My post, dating a consultant, has been one of the most read posts of all time on my blog.I was very young when I wrote it but it still makes a lot of sense even today. I mean I can so relate to the plight of my mister today. I am writing another one. Well, my mister is writing that one – just taking a guy’s point of view on dating a consultant!

I never really imagined that work-life balance is going to be such a tremendous task to achieve. I started off as a management consultant some two years ago and when I look at my colleagues, who are here since the beginning of times, I clearly don’t see myself being so consistent in not keeping a work-life balance at all!

Being a consultant is not an easy task. It looks glamorous and yes, to some extent it is – avenues to work on varied projects, meeting so many people of different stature and ready to live out of your suitcase – these are definitely enticing. However, there are a lot of things which go unnoticed – the immense pressure and to balance it well, it requires years of practice. It is an art of different level altogether to learn how to deal with all sort of people to keep your life sorted. I don’t even know if I am anywhere close to even learning that bit!

I am not a person who loves the challenges of an uncertain life. I don’t like the fact that I don’t know what I will be working on the next day or don’t know where I might have to go. But I guess, that is what defines a consultant’s life holistically!

For me, my blog is my vent machine. I am, otherwise, a very angry person. Yes, I am. I am everything but calm. But eventually, I realized that it’s futile to get angry over things and thus, I blog to channelize my energy. And that is exactly why I am pretty regular now – as compared to my past. But, being regular on your blog make the people in your office question your credibility. But struggle to keep mine insanity while working in consulting in the hottest job profile of the world(data science, FTW!) is real!

Here is a peek at my typical day:

Initially, I thought that probably this is generic. But no, it’s not. It’s not even slightly generic to what I have in my mind about my life. I always thought that I would have time in my life after work when I will chill, cook, go to pilates, shop and socialize. But then, this is what it is!

How is a day in your life planned out?

  1. You know Aseem, I have always maintained that its my blog that keeps me sane! I have been through those phases when I am "too busy" to work on my blog. I guess that is just escapism. I realized that I might be super busy with 20 hours of word day – but I need to blog – even if its just gibberish to feel alive!

  2. Wow! Despite such a hectic day, I really appreciate the fact that you take time out to blog. I have struggled to maintain my blogging frequency in the last 1 year or so and this is frustrating me no end :(. I have lost track of blaming the fact that being busy am not able to work on my blog :P.

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