#AtoZChallenge: Theme Reveal! (#SuperBloggerChallenge2018)

I completed the #AtoZChallenge last year and I know it helped me grow – not just as an individual blogger but also helped me discover some new hobbies! I like this challenge for too many reasons – you write more religiously, you get to read some of the best bloggers around the globe, you network […]

My Luxury Escapada | Westin Chennai Velachery (#SuperBloggerChallenge2018)

Sometimes I feel that I have created my own designer drug. Whenever I feel sad or too lonely and just need my me time, I run away to someplace. I am not very proud of my escapist tendencies. But still, I might not be having great savings for my future but at least I lived […]

A Day In a Life of a Consultant…who is struggling to keep her personal blog intact! (#superbloggerchallenge2018)

My post, dating a consultant, has been one of the most read posts of all time on my blog. I was very young when I wrote it but it still makes a lot of sense even today. I mean I can so relate to the plight of my mister today. I am writing another one. […]

#Instacuppa: Things Nobody Told you About Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are the in thing nowadays! Surely, they are good for your health. I am not a fan of detox drinks which are available in the market. I rather prefer the natural fruits and fruit infused water as my detox drinks. Two years ago, when I started off with my regime to get fit, […]

Mental Health is Important: The Hows and Whys

I have been insisting, in numerous posts of mine, to reach out, if ever you have depressive or anxiety-driven thoughts. It is completely okay to feel sad in life. But being depressed, overwhelmed or anxious over a long period of time is not okay. Sometimes, it so happens that a depressed mind is not able […]