You know they are your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when..

[Update: I wrote this back in 2015. After that, though I have met my school peeps, we all were together after a long time in years very recently. I am just overwhelmed with emotions. I realize that how much I love these retards! This article has not changed its meaning. In fact, it appears even more meaningful today!]

My mom has always told me that the friends that you make in school are the friends that stay on with you forever. In fact, they are true friends. I did not really think that is how things and friendship work in life. But then after completing my graduation and post graduation and then staying away from everyone called “friend”, I realized how right my mom was. 

Having said that I certainly don’t mean that I had a grossly sad life after high school. I certainly found Mahima in engineering college. And then there are my MBA buddies too. But this post of mine is dedicated to my school friends who are just there no matter what. When I say that I really mean that. 

Of course, you realize this when you go through some bad phase or your friends go through something sad and you suddenly realize that they are your friends in need. Even if you don’t need them they will cling on to you because they know you are just not fine. 

“True friends”, “best friends” are just meaningless words when you cannot relate them to the following :

1. You can talk to them about anything which might not make sense to other people but to you. And only you.
My school peeps are all scattered and we are just there on the Whatsapp group. We don’t even talk in full sentences at times and whatever I speak reaches the right person anyway.

2. It is so okay to call any of them at any hour of the day.
None of them gets judgmental or irritated. In fact, we are just happy that at least the phone rang!

3. Despite their prejudices for you they never get judgmental and love you for what you are.
No matter how uncool your guilty pleasures are they will be involved in it with you and promise to keep it a secret between you guys!

5. It never seems like ages have passed since you last met. Things are just like the old times with them. 
We don’t meet on our birthdays but we try to meet whenever possible, that is when everyone is in the town. I might just drop out of the plan but they never hated me or disowned me for that. And when we meet, I just realize how things can never change. No matter what. 

6. You just know that throwing the most vibrant insult on them is going to be the high point of your life that day. 
And no one really takes offence. 
7. You sometimes feel that your social media is just for them. 
They are the first ones to like your posts. Also, they are friends with the important people of your life on Facebook.

8. You are always making plans with them to travel somewhere together which seldom materialize but still, you never get disappointed because you know that it will happen soon. In this lifetime.

9. You can talk about anything, like anything, with the – family, love, sex, money. We are so sophisticated that we even talk about the serious issues of our lives over green tea! All right, it happened once. And I don’t know why!

10. You know about their romantic histories, with the heroes, villains and guest appearances, by heart.

11. You can act as dumb as you wish to be despite the fact that you might be the smartest person on the face of mankind.

  1. "the friends that you make in school are the friends that stay on with you forever" it's so true. And I also believe that people who has best friends also a best friend 🙂 Beautiful post, thank you for sharing!

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