My Best Friends’ Wedding. Part 1.

The firsts are always special.

One of my besties is getting married in 10 days time and I think it is completely fine if I can not keep my calm. Not that I have loads of besties (that is how the previous sentence came across, I know), but then there are few people in my life with whom I can share my life unapologetically and without any hesitation.
Technically it’s two of my besties who are getting married(to each other!) but being the bride’s maid, I don’t know if I am allowed to say “two besties”.

While I write this, I still haven’t thought of a title to this post. Should I optimize on the shadi content for the blog? Trust me, I have a lot of it. But then, let me make this post a li’l more personal.

Like everyone else, I am also not very to close to a lot of people. Though the inflow of wedding invitations has been tremendous in the past one year and it is the most significant reason for the quarter-life crisis, thankfully, none of the people whom I am close to is getting married that soon!

So, yes! This is the first wedding which is going to affect the most. And I am welcoming this change with open arms.

Oh, wait! Should this be about me? A li’l bit, yes. But mostly, this post is about that heartfelt message that I want to convey to Umang, Vishwesh and to them again, as a couple.

I have known Umang for almost half a decade now. And the first time I talked to her, I decided that we are going to be the best of friends. Well, that is how it works for me I guess! We have seen the best of the days together and probably the worst of them as well. And she is the only girl I have ever met in my life whose sole purpose in life is to get married. And that is why her wedding is a wedding carnival! Umang, I have to tell you one thing(I know you are reading this!), you have grown up from being a baby to a woman in the past five months. And your transformation has been amazing. You were a li’l sceptical of getting married so early. I never showed this to you(because, the responsibility of being a bridesmaid), but I was probably more sceptical than you could ever imagine. But now, I am more than confident that no one could be more prepared than you are right now for getting married!

Believe me, I have seen Umang lose it all over the smallest of the things. But now I see her keeping her calm even during the situations which really can drive one insane. I have always been pretty worried about you. But now I don’t think you really need me to take care of yourself. And more importantly, you are getting married to a man who can take care of you better!

From her Bachelorette’s Party!

Coming to this man, Vishwesh. Vishwesh has been that kind of guy in my life who, despite being in the toughest of the situations in life, would always just be super calm and composed. Initially, I used to think that probably he always under the influence of some drugs to be this ecstatic and happy – all the time! No matter how much I love being a girl – wearing high heeled boots, getting free drinks at the bar – I still manage to get a li’l jealous of this guy. And he is one kid who has aged like fine wine. And no kidding. There is no other guy friend I have ever had who gets all my insanity for superheroes, love for wine and passion for cocktails. He is one of those guys, who just inspire to stay calm without doing anything. Zen level calm.

There is just one thing that I really wish for Vishwesh for his wedding that he always remains like the way his. Rest of the things will always fall into place!

From his Bachelor’s!

There are way too many thoughts in my head right now. I am happy. I am emotional. I am overwhelmed. I am excited. I am anxious. But most importantly, I am glad that two of the most amazing people, perfect for each other, are finally taking a vow to be together for the rest of their lives!

I have to talk about the feelings that are going through my mind right now. But that will happen next time! Hashtag ten days to go!


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