Bura Mano Because Dignity.

[One post from 2017 which holds true even today. I so wish that the sad state of affairs changes, someday! *sigh*]From the very beginning, I hate this festival called Holi. I have never seen people celebrating the spirit of this festival, which by the way is applicable to almost all the festivals nowadays.But I am going to stick to holi for this post. Since ages, people play stupid “pranks” concealing them with the phrase bura na mano holi hai. And when I say prank, it figuratively translates to molestation. Yes, I would straight away come to this word rather than sugarcoating it with words like misbehaviour or inappropriate behaviour.

Many men just take this as an opportunity to harass girls – of various age group, of any age group – and do away with it. And it is because of the few sections of the male fraternity that I am somehow forced to hate each one of them around holi. 

I recently came across this article, which talks about how the Lath Mar Holi is more of a licence for mass molestation rather than a celebration. Please read the article here. This is sad and shameful at the same time. This is about some small city or town probably.

But Delhi, being the capital city, is also full of these extremely mentally ill people who make Holi an excuse to do completely unacceptable things. I don’t go out of my house a week before Holi and I have been doing it since the beginning times. I just feel so sick of the whole idea of Holi. Guys are all around, loitering on their bikes and throwing water balloons on unsuspecting girls. They aim at the chest or the area between the legs or at the posterior and then speed away. I don’t go out without my car or probably a cab, but when I couldn’t drive, I used to confine myself to my place or maybe depend on my father or sister to get a ride.

And these things happen in a moment – you get hit and then you are in shock for a few moments. And by that time, the cowards have already left. Such a cowardly act, isn’t it? And I am at that stage of my life where I don’t know if these situations can ever be dealt with? For me, the solution is that I just don’t leave my home. Or maybe just avoid crowded places. And then, just sit and crib about it on my blog.

But that is not how it should be, right? But the sickness and this mental illness are so deep-rooted that we can not just change it. And I have started to believe that why just even fight against them now? I am sick and tired of doing it. I would have probably hit few guys for misbehaving but as I said, the mentality is so deep-rooted that even after saying sorry, they will continue to do so. Why? Because the population of morons in this nation is so high resulting in a strong backup.

The only thing I would want to say via this post is if you see anyone harassing someone on the pretext of holi, just try and help the person in distress. And yes, happy holi. 


  1. Gosh! Such hideous behavior all in the name of a festival. It's so sad that in the name of religion and festivities, a festival like Holi has been reduced to this :(.

  2. True! And people I believe are now too tired to raise voice that they have now decided to just ignore.

    I am not asking people to shout, organize marches or any of that jazz. I am just asking that if you see anything unacceptable happening around you, just help – in any way you can.

  3. The problem is people refuse to even enter into the 'safety for women' debate. Look at the articles based in this relevant issue and then the comments below… Invariably, the narrative changes to 'don't insult my religion. How dare you? First fix his religion etc etc' that's the main issue. We can't do anything because we are being stopped at the very first step.

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