In the past few years, stand up comedy in India has been a germinating seed which is now in full bloom. It started with a handful of people who decided to leave their conventional jobs and do something at which they are good at. They have come a long way. But also many other comedians have emerged, who are not really funny.

However, I am not here to talk about those but about this super amazing ex-advertising guy who made a mark in the world of comedy by being the king of “dark” comedy in a very meaningful way.

I am a huge fan of stand-up comedy acts. One, it is an art which not entertains you but also leaves you with food of thought (that is, only if the act is “meaningful”). Two, The Canvas Laughter Club is just next to my office, so whenever some comedian comes up with a new act, I have all the opportunities to attend it. Yes, I prefer live shows rather than YouTube. I have seen almost everyone perform. Some are too loud, some are too nerdy, some are too casual and some are too good. So, that is their style. I am not commenting – I am not a comedian.

I have been watching Daniel Fernandes on his YouTube channel and I absolutely love him. I have been trying to catch him live for a very long time now. The last time he came to Delhi, I was in Bangalore and vice-versa. But this time, finally, I could watch him live in Bangalore for a test show of his current tour. And I had my own fan-girl moment and was floored and fascinated with what he has in store for his 2018 tour.

You will see every other comedian talking about things that just make you laugh – drawing examples from generally personal life. Daniel Fernandes, on the other hand, has always touched upon the topics which are not very popular for making jokes about. Take for example the Syrian civil war. He would even touch the concept of feminism in a way that it should be “touched”.  And yes, marital rape is a thing.

Of course, he is witty, he knows his timings and a great sense of humour but what makes him different from everyone else, in my opinion, is that his comedy will hit you hard – at the right spot. Watching his sets is a reward in itself for he makes you wonder about the logical flaws in the tragedies happening around.

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You will be left with food for thought. Serious issues are not to be joked about. And this guy knows it – on point! You can either be a comic or be politically correct.

There are things about which we all feel ashamed or awkward about talking – and he talks about them, kills the taboo and leave you – convincing you that there is nothing wrong with talking about them.

His latest set – Shadows – also talks about one of the so-called “taboo” issue of mental health. And for the very first time, Daniel Fernandes is using his personal experiences to bring out this serious topic and make his audience identify it and act upon it.  It might get dark but it will not kill you. In fact, if I put it this way, it might just save you!

I love this guy for being brutally honest, well researched and of course funny. I am not being paid for it, but yes, if you at all get time, do watch him perform his latest gig. Trust me, you will not regret it. This is my personal recommendation!

  1. Daniel is one of the only guys I guess who talks about all serious issues in a way that is witty but also keeps the public aware of what all is happening around the planet. Quite like his style.

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