#InspiringAchievHERs: Alicia Souza

I had a great vacation and my holidays stayed for a li’l longer than usual. And now it’s time that I get back to work!What a positive and great post to start the year with!

Though I decided that my #InspiringAchievHERs should be a great way of ending the year 2017 but extending it for a li’l more will not do any harm, will it?

I have been a great fan of Alicia Souza since the time she has been associated with Chumbak (co-founder, if you may!). And then she decided to be a freelance illustrator. Rightly called the “Goddess of Cute”, her illustrations are super cute and quirky are a perfect way to lifting one’s mood up. Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, she first worked in Melbourne for a few years before starting her own online store with amazing retail and gifting products. She leveraged social media to reach where she is today. And that is amazing!

She is one lady, out of the others whom I have interviewed, who really don’t feel that there was any gender bias when it came to her success. And man isn’t that a great thing to listen to! Read on, the last interview of the series and truly a fun one!

[All the illustrations and pictures used are taken from Alicia’s Instagram page. Go,  follow your daily dose of cuteness!]

And with that, I come to an end of this wonderful series which made me know so many wonderful ladies even more! Wish you all a very happy new year!

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