Dubai Is The Best Shopping Destination. Yes, it is!

I want to show – off a li’l. I had the best holidays so far. 2017 ended well!But before I write about my travel experience in My Li’l Travel Book, I thought of sharing something about #MyDSF which surely had my attention during my New Year Holiday chills in Dubai!

I had a very different view about UAE before I visited there. I was not sure if I really wanted to travel to a place which is not natural at all. But as they say, grab every opportunity that comes your way. So when I was asked for this holiday, I thought, yes, why not! And it’s a man-made wonder and it will definitely surprise you!

But before I share anything more about the place, I have to share the reason why Dubai is the best shopping destination! Yes, it is.

1. #MyDSF
The Dubai Shopping Festival is probably the best thing that happens in Dubai if you are a shopping freak. Also, this is probably the best time to actually visit Dubai. The duration is from 26th December 2017 to 27th January 2018.

  • You get amazing discounts on almost all the brands. It’s like almost up to 90% across 3000 retail stores!
  • The entertainment quotient of this place is just too high during DSF. For example, there is this entertainment pass which covers free entry to many attractions and dining places in just DHS 399(INR 6900). 
  • Fireworks, loads of it! The display of fireworks is not just limited to the New Year’s Eve when you are in Dubai. During the duration of DSF, there are fireworks at different places at different times. And trust me, they are just so dreamy, unless, of course, you are against crackers. But they know how to regulate their pollution – just saying!
  • The shopping rush goes for beyond 12 hours. I myself have spent one whole day in the Mall of Emirates and I got tired, but the shops didn’t close before 12 midnight!
  • Have I talked about entertainment already? There are some amazing concerts by international artists happening during the tenure of DSF. It is a good break from shopping!
I saw some of my dream luxury fashion and cosmetic stores in Dubai. So, yes. I loved this place!

And I made some indulging purchases, of which I am not at all guilty of! No apologies, sorry. I mean, sorry Mr. Boyfriend, your credit card, my say!

If you are a gadget freak or are into electronics, then also this shopping festival is just the place for you! Some commodities might not be as beneficial because of the prices or the lack of international warranty, but some are definitely worth the deal!

2. Dubai Summer Surprises
The summer equivalent of DSF is Summer surprises. All right, the prices are rock bottom and the offers are great again. But the only catch is the weather might get unbearable. Off season is a great time to travel  – cheap air tickets and cheap accommodations. And if you have to shop in indoor malls, does the weather really have a say in it?

3. The Huge Malls
There are five huge malls in Dubai and all of them are one of their kinds. The Dubai Mall takes pride in being the largest mall in the world.

Then there is The Mall of Emirates which is again huge with a plethora of stores. It is first shopping resort in the world. Pretty fancy and luxurious, eh? These two malls have the best of international luxury fashion brands.

By the way, I spent one of my holidays, in just shopping. I was under the influence this drug called DSF. And these malls celebrate holidays season in a grand way!

There is the BurJuman Mall followed by the Ibn Battuta Mall. These are the best four malls if you ask me. And Forbes! And these malls are not just limited to shopping and dining. There is various entertainment being offered here. There is the Dubai Underwater Aquarium and Zoo in the Dubai mall which is a home to some rare species of animals and fishes. Ski Dubai, located in the Mall of Emirates is another of the man-made wonders that can be enjoyed here.

These greet you in the Dubai Mall!

What I enjoyed about the huge malls is locating the stores and my friends using the maps and the mobile app. I mean, yes, you can get lost there!

4. Souqs and Local Market
Not much of a mall person? Dubai will not disappoint you! The marketplaces in the northern part of Dubai – Deira and Bur Dubai – is the answer to your quests. These are the historical districts of Dubai and thus, believe me, you will find some of the best local designer labels here at the prices which are unbelievable. And if you know the art of bargaining, please use it here. Dubai is a tourist place and they know it. So, don’t be afraid to bargain.

Gold souqs are of course a must visit. I couldn’t but you should! Then there are perfume souqs. Some of the Arabic perfume brands have some great fragrances to offer! Then Arabic textiles and spices – no, these are not the things which you can give a miss!

5. Global Village
Dubai will not fail to surprise you. A different kind of nightlife is called the Global Village here. I thoroughly enjoyed this place. It is a huge entertainment and theme park – the world is the theme. There are around 25 pavilions in here which represents 25 different countries of the world with a li’l over 75 cultures – all in  17 million square feet of area.

You can shop( and bargain!) from the different pavilions. I loved that how so many nations from the Arab world were there, displaying what they are best at. Textile, spices, perfumes and so many handicrafts – unique to these countries were all there. What a vibrant display of art and talent! There are various shows scheduled to give you a good break from the shopping.

Also, the food street here has the cuisine from all around the world. I can not even begin to describe how great the Egyptian pastries were!

There is a fun fair as well. With loads of rides and games for kids, Global Village is a complete family entertainment park in Dubai. And probably the cheapest place around – the entry fee is just DHS 15 (INR 260).

Mesmerized by the display of colors and grandeur. O, and of course, the love for back shots!

6. Connectivity 
This is the foremost reason why Dubai is a great place to shop. Every place is well connected with the Metro or the newly operational trams and the buses. Also, getting hold of a taxi is pretty easy in here. So, trust me, reaching your kind of place to shop is not really that difficult in Dubai!

I have written so much in this post and this is just about the shopping. There is so much more to Dubai that I have to write! More posts on UAE to follow 🙂

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  1. Having been to Dubai numerous times, I totally agree with you that in terms of shopping, Dubai is probably up there with the best in the world. Plus there is so much in terms of entertainment and fun for the entire family, that even a week in the city is not enough.

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