8 Reasons Why Vitamin E is Best for your Skin and Hair!

I was introduced to argan oil by my hair stylist a few years ago. Since then, I have been religiously treating my hair with it. Very recently, I realized that argan oil is equally beneficial for skin. And since then, I have been recommending everyone to at least try it once.

What makes it so beneficial?

Argan oil is rich in many types of Vitamin E, which are essential and beneficial for hair and skin.  Vitamin E has been found to be an essential component to vitalize skin. Not only it keeps your skin softer but also helps in reducing wrinkles. It also helps in protecting the skin from damages caused by UV rays. You can enjoy the benefits of vitamin E with aloe vera using the Evion Supplements. A trusted product, #Evion is highly recommended by the specialists as well. Also, the presence of aloe vera makes Evion even more effective.

How does vitamin E help your skin and hair? Let me share my personal experience.


I am a huge fan of back shots! And for that, two things are important – a great backdrop and good hair to give your back shot “that” perfect look. Location is never a problem – the world is beautiful. The only thing I can work on is my hair!

Backdrops like the setting sun in the desert!

1. Dry Hair, no more. 
If you have been following me, you must know by now how much paranoid I am regarding my tresses. I have dry hair which I have damaged even more after opting for hair colour. However, my hair stylist is a life saver. So treating your hair with argan oil twice a week keeps them manageable and fights with the dryness. I see the difference. And it’s amazing!

2. Split Ends
Okay, I used to have split ends. Now I don’t. Vitamin E helps in strengthening hair and argan oil is one of the best sources.

3. No pre-mature greying of hair
Antioxidant properties of Vitamin E slow down the greying of hair.


4. Anti ageing properties
For me, right now, my only concern is probably the wrinkles. Use natural oils rich in Vitamin E  every night and you will see the difference. It was a bold step to extend the use of oil to my skin – face, of all the places- and I am not disappointed. I already feel that the looseness of my skin is gone and that my face has become more radiant. (No, not sharing any close-ups!)

5. Good antidote for pimples
Vitamin E balances the natural oils of the skin and prevents any acne.  And thus the pores of your skin doesn’t clog and you have no breakouts. It works that way. Yes, it does!

6. Chapped lips
Winters are scary because of dry and painful lips. Any oil or cream rich in vitamin E will help you prevent chapped lips – forever!

7. UV Protection
Vitamin E is a natural sunscreen. It protects against the harmful UV rays and thus, no sunburns when you go for that beach holiday!

8. Nails
I have very weak nails. Well, I used to. Weekly nourishment using Vitamin E rich cream/oil and rose water has helped me achieve stronger nails.

I am not a nail paints fanatic, but yes!

I think I have talked a lot about Vitamin E. But I believe the point is pretty clear. Going back to something pure rather than adulterated chemicals is a good idea. Treat any investment in Vitamin E source like a real investment – investment to look and feel good and saving on some pretty expensive and chemical based cosmetics. Just make sure that you ain’t allergic to the cream or oil you opt for and trust me, you are good to go!

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