Month: January 2018

My Li’l Travel Book | Abu Dhabi

The first travelogue of this year is as exciting as the trip itself. My recent trip to UAE was not one of most planned holidays of mine and thus I couldn’t really…

The Future is Here! #BoseQC35

“You can do this Kabir. You are just overthinking!” “But Keyaa, I joined just a week back. I have no idea about so many things and they give me such a huge…

Why I love Daniel Fernandes and You will too!

In the past few years, stand up comedy in India has been a germinating seed which is now in full bloom. It started with a handful of people who decided to leave…

Dubai Is The Best Shopping Destination. Yes, it is!

I want to show – off a li’l. I had the best holidays so far. 2017 ended well! But before I write about my travel experience in My Li’l Travel Book, I…

8 Reasons Why Vitamin E is Best for your Skin and Hair!

I was introduced to argan oil by my hair stylist a few years ago. Since then, I have been religiously treating my hair with it. Very recently, I realized that argan oil…

#InspiringAchievHERs: Alicia Souza

I had a great vacation and my holidays stayed for a li’l longer than usual. And now it’s time that I get back to work! What a positive and great post to start the…

#100HappyDays: My Empty Canvas

[Update, after completing the challenge (yay!)]: 2017 was not the happiest year of the 27 years of my life. No two years are the same and that is the thought around which…

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