Why I love Daniel Fernandes and You will too!

In the past few years, stand up comedy in India has been a germinating seed which is now in full bloom. It started with a handful of people who decided to leave their conventional jobs and do something at which they are good at. They have come a long way. But also many other comedians have […]

Dubai Is The Best Shopping Destination. Yes, it is!

I want to show – off a li’l. I had the best holidays so far. 2017 ended well! But before I write about my travel experience in My Li’l Travel Book, I thought of sharing something about #MyDSF which surely had my attention during my New Year Holiday chills in Dubai! I had a very […]

8 Reasons Why Vitamin E is Best for your Skin and Hair!

I was introduced to argan oil by my hair stylist a few years ago. Since then, I have been religiously treating my hair with it. Very recently, I realized that argan oil is equally beneficial for skin. And since then, I have been recommending everyone to at least try it once. What makes it so beneficial? […]

#InspiringAchievHERs: Alicia Souza

I had a great vacation and my holidays stayed for a li’l longer than usual. And now it’s time that I get back to work! What a positive and great post to start the year with! Though I decided that my #InspiringAchievHERs should be a great way of ending the year 2017 but extending it for a […]