Year: 2018

When you have the Best Boss Ever!

This post took more time than I anticipated! But I have been wanting to post this since I left Delhi(well, is that a piece of news to you?!).I have been completely MIA…

Anxiety and Insecurity.

This box…  Pretty and made of dreams  from the outside, keeping me trapped inside. Confined emptiness is all I see. My limbs are immobile, my neck, strained.  My head aches  and wonders…

Of Chaos, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

It’s not a Monday. It’s a Tuesday. Yet, I find it as difficult as a Monday morning to drag myself out of my bed to welcome the new day. Welcome? No, not…

My Luxury Escapada : The Roseate, New Delhi

There are two things which I do if I am lacking any kind of travel in my life or I am way too frustrated with whatever I am doing – I either…

8 Things You Will Relate to If your Boyfriend is from Kanpur!

[Disclaimer : The content may be linguistically objectionable! Also, no intent to hurt anyone’s sentiment. I love my Kanpuriya.¬†Please take this one in a sporting spirit!] When you start dating, there are…

Struggles When your Bae is NOT a Superhero Fan!

First, let me get it very clear – when I say superhero, I mean by the action heroes of the latest pop culture and not Shaktiman. Secondly, I have grown old now…

Watching Your Parents Age is An Emotional Fight. Period.

The most heartfelt blog post is always written while sitting alone while waiting in some sort of waiting room or maybe while travelling alone – basically when you have a lot of time…

E-Book Vs. Paper Book : The Never Ending Debate

I have always been a book reader. I love my stories in flesh and bones. And somehow I am very used to the jet-black prints on the off-white pages with a faint…

10 Ways to Become Your Happier Self

[Disclaimer: Following the most baseless initiative by the most screwed up Health Ministry ever, this post has nothing to do with your mental health. I understand that being depressed or being anxious…

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