#MyDessertProject: Making Your Dessert Healthy

For people like me, who have no control over their senses when it comes to dessert, health is definitely a matter of concern. Desserts are always more calorific. And not just calories, sweets are bad for your blood sugar level. They are fattening. Sweets are not the best for your liver. And to top it all, sweets are bad for your teeth as well. 
However, the purpose of #MyDessertProject is not to discourage anyone from having desserts. I  just stated the facts. But there are ways in which you can satisfy your sweet tooth. How? That is exactly what I am going to talk about in this blog post. And no, we won’t be seeing any suggestions which include sugar-free desserts or sugar substitutes! 

1. Add fruit puree instead of sugar and butter. 
Now, this is one of the best ways of getting rid of the unhealthy components of your dessert. Fesh fruit purees add the texture, sweetness as well as the flavour that you need! 

2.  Use yoghurt/ Greek yoghurt more
Not just for the flavours, but to increase the protein content of your dessert, yoghurt is a great option. 

3. Concentrate on the flavours
Sometimes, it is a good idea to reduce the content but use them in a way so that you get the maximum flavour. For example, you can reduce the content of the nuts being used (to reduce the calorie content) but roast the nuts to get more flavour out of them. 

4. Combine low fat and full-fat ingredients
Mostly desserts demand full-fat ingredients like heavy cream and full-cream milk. You can always combine them with their low-fat content counterparts. 

5. Use more of nuts and seeds which are healthier. 
Use of nuts increases the nutrient content of your dessert. Cashew nuts have high magnesium content which helps in relieving stress. And that is just an example! 

6. Oats make a good base for many desserts!
I am an oats fan. I make my pancakes with oats flour. I love oats bar. Oats are healthy. And they make tasty desserts. End of discussion. 

7. Replace your regular chocolate with dark chocolate
I personally don’t like dark chocolate but given the health benefits, dark chocolate is a good alternative to your regular milk chocolate. 

8. Try out the smoothies
Replace your shakes with the smoothies. Yoghurt and fruits are already a great and healthy combination, isn’t it?

9. Sometimes, all fruit desserts are the best
All right, I might have laughed on the fancy menu which put “seasonal fruit” in the dessert section but eating your favourite fruits as the last course of the meal actually curbs the after- meal craving for sweets. 

10. Try to make your dessert at home. And reduce the frequency of your dessert intake. 
The toughest thing to do but trust me, once you start cooking and baking, you will eventually start liking it! 

I shared the recipe of one of my favourite desserts here. I am sure you would want to try it!

Do you have any other healthy tips for the dessert lovers? Do share in the comment section! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing such innovative tips for desserts. But most desserts have typical flavours and quantities and onc cannot substitute. Do u agree? #wordsmithkaurreads #MyFriendAlexa #BlogChatter

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