5 Christmas Cocktails You Have to Try!

Whenever Christmas is around, I feel super pumped up. There are some obvious reasons like it has been a childhood favourite festive season. And then there are some not-so-obvious- reasons like so much of red around and then some of the favourite cafes introducing cozy, hot drinks just for the season!

However, if you are a alcohol lover like me who loves to experiment with her liqueur, this post is just the thing for you. I have tried to talk about five of my favourite Christmas-y drinks which are good for almost every mood.

The first one is the regular mimosa with a twist. It is called christmosas and it is the best use of the sparkling wine this festive season!

The next one is for all the rum lovers. A perfect concoction of white, dark and golden rum, the Cranberry Zombie is a must try!

 I am not a vodka fan at all but for Christmas, if mixed with candy cane, I will definitely not mind having one shot of it. Candy Cane Vodka can be enjoyed as shot or may be in your regular hot chocolate or a base for some other vodka based cocktails you want to try!

Irish Whiskey is the best variant of coffee for winters and of course, for Christmas. Period. 

I saved the best for the last. Now if you love red wine and your drink to be sweet, you will love this. If not, then at least give the mulled Red Wine with Muscovado Sugar a try.

This is all I have from my bar-cum-lab for this season and this year! This has been a good year for drinks on my blog. Let me know if you tried and like any of the above drinks. I am waiting to hear from you!
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