Month: December 2017

#InspiringAchievHERs: Christine Pemberton

This is the last post in this series for this month. And trust me, I saved the best lady in my “inspiration list” for the last. This lady I am going to…

#MyDessertProject: 5 Unique Ice Cream Flavours to Try!

Ending the December edition of this series with ice creams – I couldn’t have thought of anything better! Ice cream is just a frozen food. Made out of dairy products, ice creams…

5 Christmas Cocktails You Have to Try!

Whenever Christmas is around, I feel super pumped up. There are some obvious reasons like it has been a childhood favourite festive season. And then there are some not-so-obvious- reasons like so…

#MyDessertProject: Making Your Dessert Healthy

For people like me, who have no control over their senses when it comes to dessert, health is definitely a matter of concern. Desserts are always more calorific. And not just calories,…

#InspiringAchievHERs: Manjulika Pramod

This lady, Manjulika, is very close to my heart. Now that is a very cheesy line to start off the post but that is what it is! Image Courtesy  I met Manjulika…

#MyDessertProject: Childhood Friend Called Cotton Candy!

When I thought of starting a series about desserts, I did not know that I am signing up for such amazing surprises. I love desserts, which is quite evident by now, and…

Virat – Anushka: Congratulations and Sorry!

Yes, the wedding of Virat and Anushka is probably one big event of this year. And I will be completely honest – once I read the news, I was happy too. Such…

#InspiringAchievHERs: Richa Singh

Have you been following the recent popular hashtag  #IndianEditLook? If you have been an avid reader of blogs, you must be aware of #BlogChatter. The first woman about whom I am going to talk…

#MyDessertProject: Know Your Waffles, Pancakes and Crepes.

The idea of having desserts for breakfast is greatest invention in the history of mankind. Starting from the Belgian waffles to the French toast to the Indian Rawa Kesri, each dessert breakfast is unique…

#MyDessertProject : December 2017

I have been waiting for December!Because December is the month when I kick-start two series on my blog. These are basically two projects which I have always wanted to do as a…

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