Iron Rich Recipe: Smoked Afghani Chicken

The last recipe I shared is a dessert which is rich in iron but is not the healthiest of the dishes. It is surely a great cheat day dish.

I have another dish to share which is healthy and you will definitely love!

Chicken is a rich source of iron and proteins. And you will surely love the recipe.

What makes it stand out is the smoky flavour of the chicken. And this recipe is super easy as all the hard work goes into marinating the chicken. Using the marination for making the curry is one of the good part about this recipe.

This chicken can be enjoyed with roti/naan  or methi rice, which is another dish rich in iron.

Methi rice is very easy to make. All you have to do is before cooking your rice, just add abundant  roasted methi seeds to it and then cook! Voila, one easy rice recipe that is!

But for now, let me share the recipe for the chicken!

Here is the detailed recipe with pictures:

I hope you like the recipe!

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