Month: November 2017

5 Best Things to Do in Jaipur.

Jaipur is my go to place for a perfect weekend getaway. It is because Jaipur is a historic city with so many forts! From Delhi, usually a five hours drive is the…

My Li’l Travel Book | Kasol and Malana

Because when you see the Majestic Himalayas, you realize you are such an insignificant creature in this whole wide world I never imagined that I will be going on an all-girls trip.…

4 Black Friday Deals in India that Will Blow Your Mind!

Black Friday is the largest shopping holiday in the United States and Canada. I mean how cool is that? A festive holiday with such a huge sale – dream come true. Black…

Iron Rich Recipe : Moong Daal Halwa

This side of the twenties is scary and stressful. It is time when all the sins that you have done on the vibrant side of the twenties – read eating unhealthy, being…

Iron Rich Recipe: Smoked Afghani Chicken

The last recipe I shared is a dessert which is rich in iron but is not the healthiest of the dishes. It is surely a great cheat day dish. I have another…

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