Vegas Shooting: Inside the mind of a Mass Murder

I didn’t even recover from the shock of  the sad incidence that happened in Mumbai last week, another shocking news came from the other side of the globe. I was not done cussing the Government, collectively, for not valuing human life and today, I find myself astonished that how individuals too don’t value human lives any more. Whom should we blame?

My heart goes out to the victims and their families of both the tragedies. I wish my opinions on the Governmental set up of ignoring every warning mattered. But I know, trying to understand a human mind can be a li’l step towards a better tomorrow. Or am I imagining things?

What goes inside the head of a normal human being that he/she is compelled to commit such heinous crime? The accused of the Las Vegas Shooting is dead. We are not calling him a terrorist, because of obvious reasons. But he is labelled as sick and demented. Surely, he was. SICK. And I don’t know how many big and small such attacks we need to acknowledge mental illness as “sickness” – a real deal. 

The gunman, Stephen Paddock, is dead. And with him died the reasons that made him pull off this act of cruelty. Okay, so investigations are being done to find out any political hatred by some other nation. Let us assume for the time being that it was an attack without any religious or political affiliation.

A lot of psychological studies have been done on this subject. The mass murders – who kill complete strangers in a fit of I-don’t-know-what – do not clearly fall under any mental disorder. And it’s human mind. You can not just draw that line between “bad” and “mad”. 

A mass murder goes on collecting only the bad things in his life – rejection in real or imaginary situations, envy, grudges, anguish, dissatisfaction, failure. Everything just crystallizes into some form of violent fantasy which will get the due attention the mass murderer has been longing. Life is not fair to anyone. For some, this fact is not that apparent. 

And it is no human’s duty to isolate or bully those peole. They might be reaching out for help. But we, in our own whimsical world, forget to be sensitive enough to acknowledge that! We would rather be uncaring and self centered.  We have to wait for any such violent fantasy to materialize to come to our senses. They ain’t scared of dying. They just won’t die alone. The world is their enemy and thus they simply want to take a revenge. Now that is not rocket science, is it?

In 2007, a Virginia Tech student killed 33 people in an open shoot out before killing himself. Do you think that he was afraid of dying? He was just full of hatred – coming out of the above mentioned reason.

Can these people, who need help, can be identified?  No. Human mind is complex. But we surely can be more sensitive towards people in general.

See, accusing the society on a whole is a big thing. And I might be just weighing things right now because of pure emotion of sadness. I have no clue that how many such mass murder cases have been prevented because we decided to be caring for some of the people who needed help and could have been the potential “mass murderers”. What I am trying to imply is that we need to be even more conscious with our efforts to be human beings once again.

I am deeply effected with whatever is happening around. I don’t know how much this article helped you. But just remember, in your time of distress – REACH OUT. And if someone tries to reach out to you, welcome them with open arms. 

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Fact Source: ‘Mass Murder: Causes, Classification, and Prevention’ – Dr James Knoll from the Division of Forensic Psychiatry, SUNY Upstate Medical University, New York,

  1. Great post. I am just amazed at the power of the mind. We as a society need to do much more for each other. By the way, watch 13 reasons why on Netflix. Same theme.

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