That Happy Diwali: Your Diwali Look

And this is my final post of the Diwali 2017 series called “That Happy Diwali”, before I take a break. Yes, I am going to celebrate Diwali with my nephew. This is going to be my second Diwali in Bangalore and no matter how much I hate that city, I love it during Diwali. It is so much better than Delhi. I can breathe there!

This is going to be a quick post about how to look elegant and chic on Diwali! This post is completely my personal opinion on styling. To each his own!

I am no style diva who can suggest you to wear something. But I can definitely tell you what not to do!

Plan your outfit according to the occassion
If you plan to celebrate Diwali quietly at home with some visiting of guests and the ghar wali puja, then you can definitely flaunt your ethnics in silk or more flowy materials like a great Georgette saree. However, if you know that you have to run around a lot of fire(I mean diyas and crackers and not any exam of life), you should choose something more comfortable and in cotton, so that you are safe!

If you are a bit experimental, try the trends. Or may be mix and match some trends. Something like a saree over a palazzo, which I completely love and I don’t know why!

Skirts with a long blouse is a great outfit to carry if you have matched it well!

Isn’t Rabbi’s outfit just perfect. A great choice of colors and the blouse is matched well with the skirt. Simple yet elegant! 

Or may be some retro outfit with contemporary touch. I don’t know how will do it. Be creative!

DO NOT over accessorize. 
A great ethnic wear is incomplete without those jhumkis and bangles. But don’t over do them! If you are flaunting heavy danglers, keep your other accessories like neck pieces or heavy bangles at bay! Wear things which are going to make you comfortable and gives you the freedom of movement.

Similarly, if you are wearing a chunky neck piece, you can surely do away with earrings.

I love mang-tikkas when it comes to accessorizing a traditional look. Just saying!

Use subtly elegant make up!
I might not be the best person to give advice on make up but yes, a li’l cheek blush, a nude lipstick and a nominal eyeliner should do. I some how hate women wearing make up dramatically on Diwali.

I love brown eyeliner. It is a li’l unconventional and goes well with almost every outfit!

Hair that speak volume!
Just three words – keep it simple!

I am one of those people for whom hair matter the most. With traditional and ethnic wear, try to keep your hair style as simple as possible. When it comes to hair, trust me, less is more!

After having three broken bones I have come to terms with the fact that footwear should be nothing but comfortable. Buying footwear takes almost eighty percent of my shopping time because finding the right pair which looks good and are comfortable is a tough task!

I usually don a suit on Diwali and nothing but a brightly coloured matching pair of leather jootis is my kind of thing! Just like the one in the first picture.

Fragrance leaves a lasting impression!
Lastly, fragrance happens to be an important part of any look because that is something that lingers around for a long time. Choose it wisely. For family occasions like these something less spicy and more floral fits the bill.

So, these were some pretty thoughts by a girl who loves to dress up!

I hope this helps you a bit to get that stunning look this Diwali! Why don’t you share your “That Happy Diwali” look with me on my Facebook or Instagram or Twitter? Just use #sushmitamalakardotcom and I shall know and let my readers know about it too! 🙂


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