Last Minute Diwali Gifts Ideas [Better than Traditional Sweets!][Update 2020]

Updating content is perhaps my favourite activity! And Diwali gifts are never getting old – just sassier by the day! Sharing some of my favourite Diwali gifts, mostly last minutes, so save you from the hassles!

In 2020, I am not supporting gathering in large groups to celebrate Diwali. But I am sure sending out gifts is a great way of expressing gratitude to your friends and family!

For me Diwali has been a festival of cheer, lights and happiness!

Last Minute Diwali Gifts Ideas [Better than Traditional Sweets!][Update 2020]

Everything around is just so dynamic – be it your workplace or your residential society or your neighbourhood market. So much of positive energy and happiness is floating around that I tend to usually chuck everything that bothers me and soak my soul in the lively surroundings.

Culturally, I am not supposed to celebrate Diwali like it is done in North India – exchange of sweets and gifts, Lakshmi Puja etc. We observe Kali Puja on Diwali night where my dad fasts and we go to the temple after midnight. I am not a stone – idol-worshiper, so as I grew up, I took out the better part of this festival, that is, spreading joy and light all around.

And in 2020, I am not in India to even have a close gathering with family during the festivities! I miss home!

Enough of my love for this festival, my major purpose of writing this series and this post is that I wanted to share some great Diwali gifts ideas! Some of them are last-minute Diwali gifts, some are not so last minute, and some are pretty crafty and handmade Diwali gifts if you are looking for something personalized!

Last Minute Diwali Gifts Ideas [Better than Traditional Sweets!][Update 2020]

One thing that I want to emphasis is that if you plan to gift something to someone, don’t do it just for the sake of it but make sure that whatever you give is useful too! For me, gifting is a very thoughtful gesture. I have a straightforward principle in my life – if I am spending money, it should be spent wisely. What is the point of giving a box of sweets to a person with diabetes?

I guess we have finally become so progressive in our thoughts that the “size” of the gift doesn’t matter but the value and thoughts do! I am sharing the links (affiliate*) where you can find the gifts online, making it really easy to send, even when you don’t meet your family and friends and yet keep the festive vibes alive!

The great thing about online ordering is that your Diwali gifts are gift wrapped, delivered with messages.

Exotic Tea and Coffee Hampers Make a Great Gift!

Now, this might not be the perfect Diwali gift for your family, but it’s a great one for friends! Combined with some great coffee table books, according to your friend’s taste is probably the best holiday gift!

While these are available at almost every corner shop, you can also order them online, gift wrap them and send them across – without having to leave your home!

Get some hamper complete with coffee scented candles, if you are not running out of time!

The kind of book my friends like!

Last Minute Diwali Gifts: Let’s Go Green!

After I finally moved out of my parents’ house and got the independence of doing my home my way, I realized that succulents and indoor plants add a lot of colours and positive energy to your space! They definitely make great gifts too!

Succulents and cacti plants are easy to maintain as they require watering once in a fortnight, they are great pieces of home decor! They are again available online as well as offline. Your neighbourhood nursery is the best place to get them.

Let’s Get Tipsy

If you are going to your friend’s place for Diwali party and play cards, a wine bottle or two make a perfect gift! Wrapping your gifts a li’l creatively is a good idea as well!

You can get some super cute personalized bags on my shop here!

Traditional Diwali Gifts

Your local market will always have the mini kiosks and stalls set up by local and seasonal artists. I highly recommend you buy lamps/ diyas from them. They make the best last-minute Diwali gifts, and they help the people who need it more than anything else!


And finally, traditional gifts – sweets! While you will always get to pick up an assorted sweet box, experimenting with the traditional sweets is something I would highly recommend. It might not be really a last-minute Diwali gift but is definitely really thoughtful! Fusion sweets are a thing and really indulgent!

You can also get assorted chocolate and cupcake gift packs if you are really looking for something very last-minute. I don’t blame you – I am as lazy as that sometimes!

Self-care hampers

Last but not least, these are great gifts for individuals! And I always welcome such pampering gifts – self-care hampers with candles, bath bombs, shower gels and infusers – they are my kind of jam! You can pick up some things from your favourite brand or go for some ready-made hampers. This is the best gift to give yourself!

These were my ideas for perfect Diwali gifts. I really hope that you share your great ideas and picture of the gits that you give and receive with me on my Facebook or Instagram or Twitter! Just use #sushmitamalakardotcom and I shall know! 🙂

Happy Diwali!

*This post has certain affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I make a small commission off it.


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