That Happy Diwali: Diwali Gifts

Okay, so I must have been saying this every year that for me Diwali is all about embracing the colors and lights! Crackers – the noise and the pollution- is something I have never supported and probably will never.

Diwali is the festival of light which is so bright, colorful, cheerful and vibrant that no matter what, you can not stay upset around this time of the year. I am already smiling as I write and think about what I have in store for this week on blog, just for Diwali!

Everything around is just so dynamic – be it your workplace or your residential society or your neighborhood market. So much of  positive energy and happiness is floating around that I tend to usually chuck everything that bothers me and soak my soul in the lively surroundings.

Culturally, I am not supposed to celebrate Diwali like it is done in North India – exchange of sweets and gifts, Lakshmi Puja etc. We observe Kali Puja on Diwali night where my dad fasts and we go to the temple after mid night. I am not a stone – idol-worshiper, so as I grew up, I took out the better part of this festival, that is, spreading joy and light all around.

Enough of my love for this festival, my major purpose of writing this series and this post is that I wanted to share some great gifts to share this Diwali!

One thing that I want to emphasis is that if you plan to gift something to someone, don’t do it just for the sake of it but make sure that whatever you give is useful too! For me, gifting is a very thoughtful gesture. I have a very simple principle in my life – if I am spending money, it should be spent wisely. What is the point of giving a box of sweets to a diabetic?

I guess we have finallly become so progressive in our thoughts that the “size” of gift doesn’t matter but the value and thoughts do!

Here are my few gift ideas. Of course, gifts are pretty subjective but I tried to be a li’l bit general, keeping in mind the relationship you share with the receiver of your gift!

The above two are li’l less Diwali-ey gift. What can be more appropriate for relatives? Let us see – spread some light?
Let us move to the super traditional Diwali gifts now! 

These were my ideas for perfect Diwali gifts. I really hope that you share your great ideas and picture of the gits that you give and receive with me on my Facebook or Instagram or Twitter! Just use #sushmitamalakardotcom and I shall know! đŸ™‚

Happy Diwali!


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