That Happy Diwali: Diwali Decor

Is the Diwali fever already catching up? Well, if it has not, it should! 
In the second part of the three part series, I want to talk about Diwali decor. 
Come the month of October and almost every house is being cleaned, white-washed and decorated with new furnishings. And it’s a great thing – not that you can’t give your house a new look any time, but Diwali seems like the best time to do it. 
Do it the way you like it. Like my mom got the curtains and other furnishings upgraded, like every year. Or like my friend who renovated his walls with some cool wall decal:
I loved the colors and quirkiness of his imaginations though! 
Now, I wanted to talk about the various specific Diwali decorations. Like the flowers and the lamps. For me, nothing beats the conventional earthen pots or the diyas. I usually light up my whole home with them on the occasion of Diwali for two days. I have special liking for the diyas which are sold by the local artists who set up their stalls in the local neighbourhood. Now, this is because of few reasons. One, I am probably giving them the complete royalty for their product that they are selling and not via some retailer who just looks for his/her profit. Second, I like the unpainted, completely raw diyas. 

The bigger and exotic variants of these are also available. You just have to look for them!
Moving on towards the other type of lights, the ones which I like the most are fairy lights. Though they are not as bright as the conventional light bulb ladi that we used to have (well, I still have them) but they look cute and you can actually experiment a lot with them. 
Some of these decors which can light up your rooms beyond Diwali.

I am completely in love with the idea of glass bottles/ jars and fairy lights. They actually grind your creative grey cells to come up with something unique!
Or may be using a lot of fairy lights like this, which can light up your balcony and home is a completely beautiful manner:
Image Source
Then there are some amazing festive lights – hanging lights which not only brighten up your home but also look uniquely different.

And finally, let me talk about flower. Floral decorations are great if done in moderation. I mean, come on, flowers look great in their natural habitat. A li’l flower  rangoli,  li’l bit of flowers on doors and you are good to go! Some minimal flower decorations, which I completely adore are:
Image result for flower rangoli
Image Source
Image result for flower decoration for diwali
Image Source

That is all I have to talk about for Diwali decor! I really hope that you share your great ideas and picture with me on my Facebook or Instagram or Twitter! Just use #sushmitamalakardotcom and I shall know! 🙂

  1. @Ronnie Dada
    it's just about celebrating the spirit of the festival! I would never suggest to throw out your old things or buy new ones while the older ones are still intact!

    But I feel its just celebrating the happiness of Diwali by lighting the diyaand making those rangoli

  2. Decors are cool! It is amazing how festivals bring out the best decorations throughout the world. The Christmas Markets in Germany are breathtaking. But I am not a big fan of buying new things just because its Diwali or Durga Puja. Yes, it feels great for a while but when you look at the repercussions, it does not make sense. We need way less than we buy. There is a lot of recycling and upscaling which can be done instead of buying 'new things'.

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