My Luxury Escapada | Le Meridien, Gurgaon

After a long time I am finally going on a break – Diwali break! 
But before I go, I want to get into the break mode and thus sharing one of my luxury weekend escapes! Office keeps me so busy that sometimes ages go by and I just keep pining for a weekend like the one being described here or just go on a li’l break to breathe!
Le Meridian, Gurgaon has been on my list since a long time. I went for a quiet weekend here. Now, if you want to ask why Gurgaon from Delhi, for a weekend? Well, I just wanted an escape and I had no mood of taking pains of driving for 4-5 hours. Just a weekend of complete splurging is what I wanted and this place did not disappoint me! 
You may also want to ask that why a hotel and not a resort/retreat. Okay, let me get it straight. I love hotels more than the luxurious retreats! 
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A lively reception area and a welcoming front desk staff is always telling you that you are in for some good fun and stay! This hotel definitely gets brownie points for that!
The room that was booked was a club room. Club rooms are located on the 11th floor of the hotel with access to the Club Lounge. 
Though the rooms are pretty small but there is nothing that is missing in those rooms! 
The room just had too many speakers everywhere. Also, not that it is much importance, but sometimes if a hotel does anything different, it definitely catches the eyes!
The view of Gurgaon from 11th floor is something I couldn’t have ever imagined. The location of this place is such that all one can see is the greener side of Gurgaon. A city view like this are rare. 
Bathroom is my happy space. The bathroom here had the perfect mood lighting that is perfect for that relaxing evening! 
A personal welcome note made me feel all the more special!
And a li’l bit of self love never harmed anyone!
After taking a relaxing bath, I went to the Club Lounge for the high tea. It is probably the most quiet place I have been to in a long time with good bite sized food and a good view of the city where I work to earn such luxuries of life!
The lounge is big, well lit and very relaxing place to be. 
Too many options too choose from, but my plate had limited space! 
After seeing the sun set, I decided to take a nap and return back to the Lounge for some drinks and then go to the bar called I-Kandy which has been on my clubbing list from the times this place was called The Pullman. 
I returned to my room only to find some gourmet chocolates being left as a surprise. Sweet!
I had a great afternoon siesta and I got ready for the party only for few of the surprises. But first, let me get clicked!
I enjoyed my drinks at the lounge. One thing I have to mention is that the hospitality offered here is unmatched! I have had experienced bad services at one of the best hotels and great services at not-so-bad-hotels, but no place can match the comfort, warmth and friendliness of this place!
As the night fell, I went to I-Kandy. 

Now, I was all dressed up. But this place was more relaxed and it made more sense to party in the pool than just sitting at the bar. 
I quickly changed to my swimming costume and had a great time of my life – enjoying the cold waters and sipping the drinks there while listening to some perfect Saturday night EDM. I didn’t carry my phone’s so no pictures. 
However, the pool is super clean and it’s a great place to chill. Here are some early morning pictures of the same!

My stay there ended with a hearty breakfast. Though I had way too many options to choose from, like any other buffet breakfast, I decided to stick with the good old waffles. 

With this, my stay came to an end. However, for the first time I was very content with any weekend break. I really made the most out of it. Amazing place this is! 

  1. OMG such luxuries of life! Although a bit weird, but I understand what "getting a break" from the hustle and bustle of Delhi means. You sometimes feel in Delhi that you are surrounded by people 24X7. Some alone time in such situations sure helps.
    I also realized in our family trips, that my parents didn't really want to travel a lot. They just need basic comforts (luxury is always welcome) and planning a break in a hotel nearby can be as good as traveling for 4-5 hours.
    I plan to do a similar family trip this winter. My parents would love it I guess.

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