Internet has made us all so lazy! But that is only because they have made our lives easier – easier to an extent that we, at least I,feel stepping out of the house to do something that can be achieved online as a waste of time and energy. Well, that is partially true!

Shopping has been made easier with the amazing blooming of e-commerce in India. Imagine, now you don’t even have to step out of your house when you run out of the daily use products like ketchup! But what is fascinating is that you can even sell your items of less or no use online!

There are many websites and apps which help you in getting rid of your old products. There are pros of these online places –

  • You don’t have to go outside and go to every shop to get the best price – the negotiation happens online with your potential buyers
Well, that is the only pro that comes to my mind. These online places are full of cons –
  • If you are a girl, you get to hear a lot from some creepy people who are not at all interested in buying the product but giving you a taste of “cyber bullying”
  • It is very, very unsafe a feeling when you ask someone to come to your place to see the product you are selling. For smaller products, it is still possible to take the product somewhere but for bigger things like a treadmill, you have to ask the person to come to your place
  • The chats/telephonic conversations for negotiation are very frustrating at times 
I will share a funny story of me selling my treadmill on one of such online selling place. 
So yes, it can be embarrassing too! 
However, I am done with selling my things online. I have started following the age old practice:
  • Maintain your product well and use it till it completes its life cycle.
  • Send it for recycling – I have saved my old kabaddiwalah‘s number again
Till now I talked about things which are not producing any e-waste. But what about the things you are using – phones, laptops, computers – which are e-waste after they have lived their “useful life”. What do you do with them?
The mantra is again simple:
For electronic gadgets, the old kabaddiwalah might not just work as the option for recycling. For this, please contact e-waste recycling management organization like Karo Sambhav. I shall be writing about it in a different post because noble movements like these require more space!
I talked about selling of your gadgets on Cashify. So, what exactly is this website? It is an online platform where you can sell your gadgets for a reasonable resell price. You can only sell the gadgets which are still in the “useful life” state – that is – they still work fine and can be repaired to perform the functions they are meant to do. 
This is how Cashify works:
That means it saves you from a lot of trouble:
  • True price, based on the quality and condition of the product as specified by you, is given to you by this website 
  • No hassle of negotiating with different buyers
  • No safety concerns as the authorized Cashify folks will be collecting the products 
  • No more going to the electronics market to get the true value of your laptop – and running from one buyer to another. 
You can sell the following electronics on Cashify:

All right, so one personal tip – you might find the prices for mobile devices a li’l less as compared to that of the exchange prices – but then, Cashify saves you from a lot of trouble as already discussed. Also, for laptops, I found cashify a great source to sell. My old laptop, some 7 years old, was sold here on a price which I was not expecting at all had I gone to the local shops or sold it on the other online selling places! 

Cashify is soon launching the repair feature for mobile phones. And that is going to be one very useful feature according to me! I mean I am so occupied that I don’t ussually get time to go to the authorized repair shops to get my phone repaired and thus keep on using the faulty device. Yes, I am that busy and lazy! 
This website is surely the better thing to look forward to -sustaining the earth and providing good value to the customers!
Also, you can get extra INT 250 on the products sold by you by applying the code : CLEANCASH. 

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