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Is Delhi becoming a smart city?

It is for sure. If you are living in Delhi, you must be aware of the different plans that are being laid to make Delhi smartly able. How the DDA is planning small residential smart cities across the city is something quiet great know – considering that redesigning such an old city is a bold act!
However, all changes have a small foundation. And eventually, with proper steps and care, they become the big changes – and they don’t happen overnight. 
The small steps are taken up by everyone who cares or is bounded by some responsibilities. Take for example, your own office complex. I am sure they are smart complexes. I like the sensor lights which save the resources. You can help too. Print only the things which are required. Use paper napkins as less as possible. 

Always remember that smart cities are not smart only because of the infrastructure but also because of  smart and correct use of infrastructure.

I came across some initiatives by Vodafone to help turn Delhi into a smart city. And I was not surprised by the efforts being put in by it! 

No wonder that Vodafone is the leading telecomm service provider in Delhi. It has been taking its corporate social responsibility very seriously. The smart minds of the young India are starting up their own ventures and it is commendable how Vodafone is helping them  make things in India. Smart move! 

The air purifying bus stops are being set up. Pollution can be reduced, yes. But it will again take time. But Vodafone’s smart move is at least providing some relief by giving fresh air to breath!

I am sure we all have used the free WiFi at the Vodafone WiFi zones. Have you guys used the smart bus stops? This one is actually a great initiative – if we start implementing it on a huge level. 
I researched a li’l to more to understand that what all other efforts are being made by other organisations to make a better and smart city. 
And people are really working a lot towards it than I imagined. 
NGOs are working towards the cleaning of the cities. And yes, I am really happy that how everyone – every citizen, well, almost every of Delhi  is helping in the cause. 

I personally know so many people who take out time from their hectic life to teach kids who are a li’l less financially fortunate than others. And it gives me immense pleasure to see the twinkling eyes of those li’l kids. Its always a smart move to have the future of the nation be educated and self dependent. 

Also, you shouldn’t miss what all is being done for the street animals and abandoned pets by some uber cool NGOs. There are many NGOs which provide shelter to the street animals and organize adoption drives too. Smart cities treat their pets and animals right! 

I am sure you must be wondering what I was wondering – is it just the private and corporate organization helping towards a smarted Delhi? Well, no. 
The New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) is taking its small steps to make a better city. For example, have you noticed some of the round abouts in central and south Delhi? They have these beautiful vertical gardens which not only serve the purpose of beautifying the area but also render cleaner air in these areas. The NDMC has quite a few plans to extend these vertical gardens across the city!
The subways are considered to be pretty unsafe. But they are a great option when you have to cross the busy roads. The NDMC recently came up with avery unique idea – puting up some great art pieces at the subways to encourage the use. These are catering to multiple purposes:
  • Making people use the subways, which is of course a smart move
  • the paintings are extensively promoting Yoga, which again is a healthier and smarter lifestyle to follow
  • promoting the local artists and giving them work!

Do I need to mention that the establishment of Sulabh Shauchalayas all over the cities is an initiative to help people keep the city clean? This move is probably one of the first taken in Delhi to move towards a cleaner India. 
I also talked about that reduction in vehicular pollution is being taken under consideration. There are many steps being taken by the Government in this direction. 
  • Leaded petrol has been phased out in Delhi and it took a huge amount of  time, but we achieved it
  • Old vehicles are being phased out in Delhi
  • The pollution check is being made more stringent in Delhi
See, everyone is trying their best to help build Delhi a smart city to live in – we have to cooperate. Take for example, banning of selling of crackers did not stop us from burning them. Why? We have to equally put in efforts only then we can question anyone! 

As I mentioned, we can not achieve a dram over night. It requires a lot of hard work from everyone. The big organizations are doing their part so is the Government. What are you planning to do in achieving that? And how? It is not always about doing something big. It is about doing something – consistently – till it brings about the change you dreamed of!


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