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Coming straight to the point – running and having a healthy diet helped me lose 10 kgs. That was the time when I took running very seriously and I had the bandwidth to actually follow a diet plan.

Many of you might call it an excuse but as life gets busier, it becomes difficult to follow a strict workout and diet regime. However, health should never take a back seat!

I haven’t been able to do regular workout in a long time now. But I haven’t gained any weight as well. Earlier, I was going to give this post the title “Your Daily Fitness Tricks” but then I realized fitness directly depends on the amount of physical activity you do in a day. And for most of us, physical activities take a back seat – blame it on the too hectic lifestyle which keeps you from investing your energy anymore on physical activities!

But that doesn’t mean that your health should suffer. Not at all! I might not be fit – I can run 10K in 75 minutes and that is super average. But I try to be as healthy as I can be, if not fit.  Health also depends on your eating habits. Here I am sharing some of the health tips, which I follow or try to follow, but know that are super effective when it comes to taking care of your heart!

The first section is a bit preachy. But trust me, you might fail at doing these things one or twice or thrice but if determined to live healthily, you will soon be able to follow everything. I still fail when it comes to eating everything healthy! But my fundamental is simple – have a cheat day once or twice a month to satisfy every craving and not torture yourself!

The second part talks about food! Everyone says that eat healthy. But how? What to do with those super cravings we have sometimes? It’s actually simple – Control! Most of the times when you have hunger pangs, you are just thirsty. Drink water and the feeling should subside. If you are really hungry, grab an apple.

These are perhaps the easiest to follow. Why not try for a healthy and better life?

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  1. Succeed! It could be one of the most useful blogs we have ever come across on the subject. Excellent info! I’m also an expert in this topic so I can understand your effort very well. Thanks for the huge help. Health

  2. @Brinda
    Oh yes, I have heard that a lot. But also, if you consult a good doctor and trainer, you will be given the right advice according to your age – amount of running, intensity of it, right kind of shoes etc!

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  3. Sushmita, loved your tips especially the diet to edit. However, I have read many studies which deter women esp from running as it can damage the knees. Have you in your experience heard of or seen that?

  4. I love the way you have communicated your points through graphics. Also I enjoyed reading you post. I completely agree with you that there is no substitute to physical activity

  5. EXCELLENT article… lots of points that i definitely need to imbibe… and damn! 10 kgs!! you lost 10 kgs! That is so unfair… why can't i lose 10 kgs???? (looks at bag of potato chips lying on second belly) oh ya, thats why.

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