Why We All Need Dry Shampoo!

Bad hair days are every girl’s nightmare!And no one can even predict when that day will strike. 
There are days when you have the oiliest of your hair days, you have to go to some important party/meeting and you have no time to wash, dry and style your hair. Those moments are irritating and embarrassing – at least for me because I always want my hair in place. But then, human inventions should never be underestimated. 
Dry shampoo can come to your rescue. And I love them. Here are the top reasons why:
Now the question is – How to identify a good dry shampoo. Firstly, it should fulfill all the above conditions. As simple as that! If you are spending more time with the dry shampoo, like applying 7-8 times, then it is not the product you should stick to. Your hair should smell good after the application. Dry shampoo serves the same purpose as that of regular shampoo. And yes, it should not leave behind any powdery residue. 
There are certain things you need to be careful about before using dry shampoo. You don’t use them on a regular basis. Use them on SOS basis! It’s always best to go for regular shampoo. You might come across how to make “home made dry shampoo” videos on Youtube. Just a personal opinion – don’t opt for them. No matter how organic they are, talcum powder leaves your hair dehydrated. I would recommend to go for the aerosol spray. Since you don’t have to use the dry shampoo everyday or on a regular basis, aerosol sprays are not going to be harmful. The dry shampoo available in the market might be a li’l on the higher side when it comes to monetary value but I would  suggest that if you think that any brand is reliable for you, you can make this investment. Again, the same logic applies – opt for the best as you have a limited use of it. 
You can read a lot about dry shampoo here. You will find the apt shampoo for your hair type and many trivial facts about dry shampoo like how to apply and when to apply!
My favourite dry shampoo is by BBlunt. And I am glad I came across this human invention! 
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