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This age hold phrase by Saint Kabir is so true! Whenever you want to change something, the change starts from you. You can not change others but you certainly have the control to rectify yourself. 
In this fast paced life, when we are so much dependent on the new age technologies which are day by day deteriorating the quality of the natural world around us, our life expectancy might have increased but our health is certainly deteriorating. There are so many diseases – particularly the respiratory ones – which we blame on the pollution. You can not control the air pollution in a day, can you? You can contribute towards it, certainly yes! It is an eventual process. But you can certainly live a healthier life. 
Do you know that our homes, which we perceive to be a safe place is actually as harmful as the environment outside? The air you breathe inside your home might be as polluted as the air outside, that you cuss!
So, the other day, I was discussing with my other half that I had no clue about the indoor pollutants. He snapped at once – get rid of people who spread negativity around you and effect your mental health. Well, we can not overlook this aspect. Can we? 
Enough of the philosophy. Let me talk about some serious stuff now.  
We might be aware of many pollutant that dwell in our houses. But what we might not know is their effect on our health. Smoke, from anything that burns inside our house is a potential source of pollution and which actually causes major health issues. 

Smoking is anyway injurious to health. Both active and passive. We all have chimneys and exhaust fans installed at our homes. There regular cleaning is also important to get rid of the harmful smoke. 
Next I want to talk about a more complex pollutant – VOCs. How much we love those new carpets and curtains. But they certainly have those artificial paints and adhesives used in the fabric which are pretty harmful. I am a sufferer to such VOC so I know that how important it is to be sure about the things that you are using in your house!

Biology classes shouldn’t be forgotten. We learned about these creepy and unhealthy molds which dwell on the damp and leaky walls. But we never really wondered that how harmful they can be to us!

And finally, formaldehyde is one of the major indoor pollutant. The wood work in your house and all the paints and varnishes that you use contains formaldehyde which is capable enough of keeping you unwell forever. Formaldehyde can cause a sustained bout of allergy and can make you feel sick for a long period of time.

There is one more thing which you can do to keep the pollutants at bay, have a fresh smelling air, a beautiful home and a healthier you! Paint your house this Diwali. Yes, you read me correct!
The Royale Atmos by Asian Paints is one of its kind paint which actually makes the air inside your house purer than before. Royale Atmos not only reduces the Formaldehyde present in the air that you are breathing, it also absorbs the foul smell – coming from damp walls, onion, ginger – to name a few. It comes with a natural fragrance and thus no non-sense chemical smell comes with your paint! 

The older generations have been wiser. Thus, ending the post with another age old saying – Prevention is always better than cure! It’s high time that we start paying heed to our health. And of course, starting from our own homes is the best step to ensure a healthier life. We certainly don’t want to walk inside our houses with face masks!

If only I can paint the whole world outside with Royale Atmos! 


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