5 Quick Facts About the Blue Whale Challenge

“If you stumbled upon this article while searching for the Blue Whale Challenge, let me tell you a li’l fact – Just when you think that there is no one who can listen to or understand you, believe in the power of the universe and trust that you will always find that one person. 

If at all you need yourself to be heard, you just need to reach out and not find your resort in the mindless games and challenges. There are more people than you can imagine who are there to help you. It can be a stranger, like I am to you at this point in time or someone in whom you can feel comfortable to confine to. 

If you feel that you want to be heard anonymously, please feel free to connect to me. Or may be reach out to  Aasra (022 2754 6669) – 24×7. “

The moment you come in contact with a kid, who is super close to you, you suddenly feel too emotional and responsible in life. That is exactly what happened to me after I became an aunt. Azad helped me in bringing back the emotional quotient that I had completely lost earlier.

Anything in this big, bad world, which relates to kids (when I say that, I mean tiny tots to the teenagers) scares me. The recent thing which caught my attention was the Blue Whale Challenge. Now, this is a mindless “game” which was allegedly invented by a Russian psychology student with a very sick mentality(for obvious reasons!) to clean the society.

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When I was a kid, I adapted very well to the emerging technologies – internet and other things. And the following generations are even quicker than what I was. They know how to operated the complex of the gadgets even before they start teething. And it’s no exaggeration! Therefore, the young parents, needless to say the young uncles and aunts, need to be extra cautious with what the kids are searching and watching and using on the phones and tabs and laptops.

A young mind is vulnerable. The time when your body is undergoing so many changes, you seek validation and acceptance. When you don’t get that you  tend to look for ways to escape. And that is exactly when this so called game plays with the young minds. What makes it even more harmful is that it is spreading among the kids who are as young as seven. How? Ease of access to the digital world and of course, “word of mouth” publicity. Remember, this is an “internet” suicide game.

There are few quick things that you certainly would want to know about this fast spreading sensation.

This link also talks about the anti- challenges which are surfacing to help in combating the effects of this game.


And the parenting is not the only thing that should be blamed for popularization of such cultures. We, as a society, have failed big time. It is high time that we start talking about mental health and start treating it as a real thing. It is no taboo. Try to understand when your child(or anyone for that matter) really need helps. Every life is precious!


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