Month: September 2017

My Li’l Travel Book | Udaipur

Udaipur is undoubtedly the most romantic city in India! And it is royally romantic. I don’t know why – there is no characteristic landmark like the monument of Love, Taj Mahal, in…

My Dream Reading Space!

Off lately, I have started to write about books so much. The best selling books of all times, my favourite online bookstores and now, I am finally here – talking about my…

The Mini Instagram Post 8. Footprints.

Every time I meet you, A li’l bit of me dissolves in you.  I am slowly vanishing,  Just like my desire for everything.  One day, I will be nothing But footprints… Doing…

Buy Books Online from Popular Online Stores

I am sure you all must have enjoyed the great online shopping festival during the last week! Online shopping has definitely changed the face of how we used to shop! No matter…

#CleanAirBeautifulHomes and Healthy Us!

[This is a runner-up post at a contest hosted by Indiblogger] This age hold phrase by Saint Kabir is so true! Whenever you want to change something, the change starts from you.…

Why We All Need Dry Shampoo!

Bad hair days are every girl’s nightmare!And no one can even predict when that day will strike.  There are days when you have the oiliest of your hair days, you have to…

My Li’l Travel Book | Amritsar

At times, I am very glad that my parents are travel-fearing. This has actually led us to travel by road and I have been to many road trips in both North and…

Your Daily Health Tips!

[This is a winning post at a contest hosted by Blogadda] Coming straight to the point – running and having a healthy diet helped me lose 10 kgs. That was the time…

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

Grandparents, a child’s greatest asset.   They look upon the parents, to keep the kids from going wild.  They pass the great legacies from generations to generation.  Grandparents, a child’s true protector.  They…

5 Quick Facts About the Blue Whale Challenge

“If you stumbled upon this article while searching for the Blue Whale Challenge, let me tell you a li’l fact – Just when you think that there is no one who can…

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