Packers and Travelers!

When you start to travel and that too a lot, the first thing you master is the art of packing. 
I have been travelling very frequently off lately and I don’t carry more than a cabin luggage. My latest achievement has been travelling to Thailand for 10 days with just a 7kg hand bag. And it was no work trip – it was a complete leisure trip. I sometime surprise myself!
I decided to share my packing strategy because I have to make a good base for the series that is coming up on the blog! Whenever I am MIA, it always means that I am going to come back  with something good to share! 🙂
The best way to pack is to make a list of all the things you need. And I know, we easily get tempted to pack everything we can. For me, I feel I am betraying my those pairs of footwear which I am not packing and am absolutely tempted to pack all the matching pairs. But it is important to be rational during these times!
It is very important to shed those extra luggage weight because it makes your life easier. Also, you end up having more space to shop more! 
For every girl, the vanity box becomes the most important part of the luggage! I am no different. I carry the the minimum things which I know should take care of my every kind of look! 
If travelling by air, hand baggage doesn’t allow nail cutters. But the idea is to pack light so that you are travelling light and not restrict your travel to “hand baggage” only mode. However, if you are forced to do that, please leave behind the nail cutter!
For once, I might leave behind my vanity bag but my toiletry bag is something I can never do without! You might not need a lot of these things if your travel is on the luxurious side. But I like to carry my essentials all the time. 

So, how to carry everything? Here are the tips!

Of course, if it is a long trip – you can always buy the more important things like the sunscreen and shampoo from the place where you are travelling to!

Luggage is the most exciting thing. One tip – if possible, carry your lowers, t-shirts and under garments all in different laundry or packing bags. It creates less of a mess in your luggage!

Depending on the type of travel, I decide if I have to carry a duffel bag or a backpack or a trolley luggage.

It is always a good idea to roll your towel, t-shirts and lowers – one, because it saves space and two, because that keep them crease – free. 
Apart from all this, your medical kit is important with all the medicines that suit you for general problem that you might have for during travel. 
I hope this post was helpful for you!
Happy travelling!

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