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Previously written – Pattaya.

Phuket Islands was the second stop of the epic backpacking trip I took with my friends and some strangers. We reached Phuket on the night of the second day of this trip. Though I couldn’t enjoy the beauty of this place at night, I had no clue what the following two days had in store!

We lodged ourselves in a studio apartment in Phuket, near Patong beach. The first night in Phuket Islands was just about sleeping because we had a long day ahead.

Phuket Islands: Some things to keep in mind

The travel tips are more or less the same as in the previous post. But here are some things you would appreciate knowing before your trip!

The first thing on the next day’s itinerary was island hopping. Now, this is something you have to pre-book and can be easily done with the help of your hotel. And it entirely depends on your negotiation skills. So, we had booked a speed boat, which was shared by 50 people, and it had a tour to three islands and a lunch buffet at a local restaurant on one of the island and snorkelling near other. All this was for TBH 950 per person.

Before going for the tour, we decided to go for the sunrise early in the morning. However, it was cloudy but we could witness the early morning serenity of the Patong beach.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Thailand is pretty amusing. I spotted a telephone booth on our way back to our apartments. And thus, I had to get clicked! Nit really the classic London vibes but we don’t get such phonebooths is India.

After having a good breakfast, we started for the tour.

Tour of the Phuket Islands: Raya Yai and Coral Islands

This tour included the transfer from our residence to Chalong pier and back. From the Chalong pier, we went around the Phuket island for the island hopping in the speed boat. Once we reached the dock, all I could see were the speed boats and the calm sea.

The sea only looked calm! As soon we started our journey, I got to know that even sea rides can be bumpy!

The destination was pretty far away!

And for any sea fearing person like me, it was one hell of an experience. When something as powerful as a speedboat trembles when they cross the mighty waves, all the childhood poem suddenly started to make sense.

I was so scared that the destination still seemed impossible to reach!

It took me some time to get accustomed to this and then we sped towards the Raya Yai island for snorkelling.

See that beautiful spot? I was enjoying the beauty too from my boat. But I had no clue that soon I will be jumping off there!

For someone like me, who fears water, even though life jackets were on us, snorkelling seemed like a nightmare. I clung on to this sweet lady the whole time and probably deprived her of the beautiful underwater life sighting(of which I could catch a glimpse now and then) as well.

After this li’l adventure, we went for the very local lunch at a restaurant on the island, where we were “transported” using a tractor.

This is other side of the island, where we halted for lunch:

And yes, when I said a tractor, I meant a tractor.

The following picture is taken after the most eye-opening life experience of mine. I wish I could explain it in words. The image thus captures the scared yet happy look on my face.

The very local restaurant which looked pretty scary but served great food!  

After a full tummy, we did what every tourist would do – Enjoy the amazing waves and click hundreds of pictures!

The next stop was coral island which was cleaner and more peaceful!

And then, the necessary click with other backpackers of the gang happened on coral island!

And that is how the island hopping tour ended.

Phuket Islands: Nightlife at Patong | Bangla Walking Street

It was now time for some hopping around in Patong. Patong too has a nightlife to enjoy – just like Pattaya. So there is this Patong beach road which has got the best street shops and some great bars.

One of the many charming cafes on the Patong beach road was this surfing cafe. I can never get tired of saying that Thailand is a pretty cute place!

And then there is again the walking street. However, the walking street here is the mellowed down version of the one in Pattaya.

The following is the  easy transportation available in Phuket. These are funky red taxis which have super trippy disco lighting inside them:

We retired to our apartment that night after the right amount of shopping and food!

Let’s talk food!

The next morning was about exploring the local food for breakfast. I am a non-vegetarian and open to experiments. However, there is one particular smell that might make you a li’l averse to trying the seafood. However, the street food market in Phuket is enormous and pretty alluring.

For breakfast, we went to this li’l and authentic Thai street restaurant. I had Hainanese chicken, which is a formerly a Chinese dish, made of boiled, skinned chicken. It’s bland and best enjoyed with the clear chicken soup and chilly Thai sauces. And yes, it is pretty filling and a great and healthy breakfast to keep you going for the rest of the day.

And on this very day, I was introduced to the heavenly food – sticky rice and mango. It is one of the best dishes that I had tried there till that day (yes, more to come!). The best part of tropical countries is their fruits. So this dish makes you enjoy a ripe and pulpy mango with sticky rice made in coconut milk – which gives a mild aroma of coconut, keeping in mind that the significant flavour of this dish is mango.

This was followed by a hearty serving of watermelon and guava. So yes, when on a tropical island never miss the fruits that it has to offer.

Thailand is a heaven for fruit- lovers.

After this, we started for Phi Phi Island. We departed in a ferry and trust me; this is one of the fanciest feelings that you will get (keeping aside the cruise, of course). This is one of my favourite pictures – cutting the sea and saying goodbye to Phuket, only to return!  

My Li'l Travel Book | Phuket | Phuket Islands and More
That is how the whole of Thailand looks from your ferry!

I will be covering Phi Phi Island, our adventure island for the next two days, in the next post.

Another day at Phuket Islands: The other side!

However, while on our way back to India, we stayed in Phuket for another day. We travelled from Krabi to Phuket by road, thus completing the discovery of every possible way to travel within Thailand.

You should plan to travel via road from one island to another. It is one fantastic experience! There is a beautiful bridge, Sarasin Bridge, over the sea which connects Krabi to Phuket.

Video Source

Remember how I mentioned that there are many worshipping place on the roads? Here you go with one more!

This time we lodged ourselves at the Surin beach, and that was a fantastic experience of different level. Surin beach is the “Baywatch” kind of a beach – clean and so many surfers all around with white tourists every where. No, I am not trying to sound racist, but yes, Surin was a perfect way to end the trip.

But above all, Surin beach offers the best sunsets! Mesmerizing is an understatement.

The change in colors of the sky is something that you might not witness anywhere else in this part of the world.

Phuket Islands | The Other Side

After watching the sunset on the horizon, we went for a traditional dinner at one of the many cafes this place has to offer! And yes, finally the beach chick decided to get high on alcohol!

Usually, I don’t get high, but when I do, I make sure that I am getting high on fancy drinks!

  Topping it up with some pad thai noodles, which by the way, are now my favourite.  

Phuket Islands: The Beauty of Surin Beach

And the beauty of Surin beach is altogether different in the morning. We had our breakfast at the beach.

Trust me; you will feel as if you are walking towards a Microsoft Windows wallpaper.

No, I am not lying!

Phuket Islands | Serenity of the Surin Beach
Phuket Islands | Serenity of the Surin Beach

From any direction, this place seems equally mesmerizing

So, there are shacks on each side where you will get proper Thai food to enjoy with a view. And even if these are shacks, they are no less when it comes to the taste and presentation of the food!

The Massaman curry is a mildly spice vegetable/meat curry which is excellent in taste.

However, I am a huge fan of the pineapple rice being served there in Thailand, anywhere!

  Though my trip ended here with this serving of Pineapple rice, there are still loads to cover on the blog.

I stayed in Phuket for a total of 3 days and three nights, and that is the minimum you would need to explore every side of this island.   Next up – Phi Phi Islands.

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