Hair Raising – Literally!

A lazy Saturday morning and a long weekend – I couldn’t have asked for me.

But I get up to my whining maid retelling her horrific experience of how her niece woke up with her braid chopped off by some invisible power! And my mom consoles her and tells her how it is all over the news.

And I, still half asleep, began to wonder what kind of occult practice is this?  News? What news? What kind of news have I been following that I completely miss something happening around me?

After inquiring a li’l bit more from my scared maid aunty,  I got to know that how that girl was sleeping in her locked house and she gets up with a chopped off braid and many scratches on her wrist. She apparently didn’t see anyone and lost her consciousness after experiencing some bouts of headache.

I did a li’l bit of research and got to know that this is a phenomenon happening in the Northern part of India since the last two months. And I then quickly connected this to the mass hysteria that happened in the beginning of this decade about the Monkey man. When monkey man happened, I was scared. I wouldn’t go outside my home after sunset fearing that someone will attack me. That is the power of mass hysteria! Even without any logical evidences, you tend to believe things which are not possible at all. Like a walking monkey, yes. More like the planet of the apes!

So, this new wonder should be equally scary, considering the fact how much I love my hair. If you trace this back a li’l bit, it connects to an old lady who was allegedly killed for being a witch in some part of Uttar Pradesh and she used to summon some bizarre prayers which would result in women losing their braids. But surprisingly, the incidents have failed to stop even after her death.

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In a country like ours, it takes nothing for a hysteria to become mass hysteria. We have got those anti-social elements among us who make sure that a panic situation remains as-is. So you know, it can be anything. Fake calls, pranks or anything else, all summing up to give rise to this certainly unbelievable piece of news. Every victim has a different story to tell – so what can you possibly conclude?

Psychiatrists are terming this as dissociative  reaction which results when people are suffering from depression, amnesia or sleep walking and are not able to cope with the symptoms, they tend to get more effected by these kind of hysteria and thus result in the situation that has been created now.

This is completely weird and creepy but I would definitely want to know how this story ends! It might not end and just fade away like all other stories in the past when this becomes too boring to be kept alive.

Thank god I don’t braid my hair!

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