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I have never been a fan of tea. In fact, I don’t drink the traditional tea at all. But yes, recently, I have been a big fan of all kinds of green tea – acquired taste which is so beneficial. 
And I am open to taste every tea which is made without milk. Even though I love milk, the tea and milk concoction somehow never works for me. 
I recently came across the tea culture of the world tea varieties. And trust me, I had gone crazy over them!
Chai and sutta  has always been one bonding factor for office colleagues and friends. In fact, I have hosted many high tea at my place with my friends when anyone of us has been in distress. And the amazing variety offered by tea culture of the world gives you another topic to talk about over tea!
I got this opportunity to try eight amazing flavours of tea and I am just amazed by all of them and the way tea can be manipulated to give the best taste and health benefits, naturally!

Kashmere Kahwa

This is my personal favourite and I make it a point to have it whenever I am travelling to the hills. The one that tea culture of the world offers is as authentic and spicy as I expected it to be!



This is the one which my parents loved to the core. So I think I can safely recommend this one!

Earl Grey


Imperial White


This one is my personal favourite of the lot. And yes, I am sharing a great green tea cooler recipe with you to try with Sencha green tea. And you can thank me later!

Do try the amazing variety of tea offered by the Tea Culture of the World and let me know about your experience! 


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