Life with a Toddler.

Remember when we were small how summer vacations meant one mandatory trip to our maternal grandparents’ house? I am sort of reliving that time after my parents became grandparent – thanks to my elder sister.

My nephew is here staying with us for sometime. Though he is 14 months old and he doesn’t need any summer vacations to go on a holiday, I am glad he is here. At least my time is converted into summer vacations!

He is one super naughty fellow and I have never seen a growing up baby. Witnessing everything from so close is a different feeling. It is fun and elating most of the times but it can get depressing sometime.

It is very interesting to see how a toddler’s mind work. I so want to know that what is going inside of my nephew’s head when he looks around and plans out his whole day – how he has to destruct and learn new things!

Making my nephew eat his food is a task of difficulty level 999. He makes all of us watch some videos which has got loads of jelly beans and gum balls – and eats one bite only after we all clap after watching he video. This is one of the tactics that is being used. Don’t even get me started on this!

Also, the zillions of toys that you buy for a toddler are of no use. What interests a kid more is everything else but toys – utensils, shoes, books, magazines.

A hungry and tired toddler is a perfect epitome of mood swings. Sometimes, they are irritated because of something which they can’t tell, of course. The best way to let out that feeling? Laugh, cry – do two completely opposite things in a span of just  one second.

But, but, but! They are best form of human beings you will come across. Innocent and as honest as any life form can get. And finally when they sleep, you know that you are watching an angel.

At the same time, you pray that the angel doesn’t wake up before you are again prepared for a completely adventurous day!

Author’s Note
My nephew is the love of my life. I am so going to miss him when he is going to return back to Bangalore. Living with a kid gives you a new perspective to life!
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