The Wise Man Said 
by Priya Kumar

“I believe that I will live for as far as I can see.”

In her tenth book, Priya Kumar has maintained her aura of being only motivational and not instructional.

We all are running the rat race – running after money and saving for the “future” none of us has seen. And the main protagonist of the book is no different. All his life he earned money and finally at the age of 83, he sets out on a quest – the age long existential quest.

Though the book kicks off as li’l boring as a story but as you dig deeper into it, this is probably one of the most fruitful investment of your reading time.

The book has a spiritual inclination and at times wanders away from practicality. Nevertheless, the author is amazing when it comes to maintaining a personal connect to every reader through her book. What the wise man does in the book – travels across the world without any money and identity – is something that we all want to do. At least for me, it is the ultimate goal of my life. The wise man explores every possible place on this earth and shares the fact that the more he went away from the daily hustles of life, the closer he came to himself and humanity.

Every story in this book, as told by the wise man, has a special inspiration lesson which no one minds getting and sharing further. This is one  book that I will recommend everyone!

Publisher : Books That Inspire
Price: INR 299
Pages: 180
My Ratings : 3.5/5

  1. Such an inspirational book..! Thanks for suggesting it.. I’m really up for inspirational lessons that uplift my spirit.

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