Book Review | Loyal Stalkers

The Amazing Racist
by Chhimi Tenduf-La

Dark tales told humorously.

As a reader and a budding writer, authors like Chhimi are true inspiration. From the Amazing Racist to the Panther to the Loyal Stalkers, Chhimi has just grown as an author and has done nothing but enhance the experience of his readers.

He has brought out the true life of the people in Sri Lanka through his story telling in a beautiful way. This book holistically covers the life of the people across all genders and classes that exist in the wonderland of Sri Lanka.

The selling point of the book? Every now and then you might come across the basic nature of the civilian society of Sri Lanka in a very subtle manner. Chhimi has taken all the liberty in letting his readers know the general trend by inserting some great one-liners, mildly, among all the seriousness of the plots.

“Sri Lankans normally ask more personal questions.”

“Everyone knows everyone and no one can hide.”

This collection of interconnected short stories has covered every possible aspect of human life. From child abuse to homosexuality to poverty to crimes of the highest order, the stories touch upon everything in a humorous way, without losing the real essence and pain of the situations.

I personally love the way the stories are woven. The narration is really nice and you can connect and visualize everything really quickly. According to me, this is the best work of the author and somewhere deep down, even he knows it! 

Even though I want to talk more about the plot and sub plots of every story in this book, I would rather refrain from doing it because I really want everyone who love to experiment with their reading to read this one book.

Publisher : Pan Macmillan India
Price: INR 499
Pages: 240
My Ratings : 4/5

  1. @Richard
    Ain't short stories a great source of knowledge and insights?

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. And thanks to your friend for suggesting my blog. I would be reading him soon. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Personally, I also really like books in the format of a collection of not large stories that are easy to read and learn information. It takes much less time to read them and a new story is always interesting, and not the continuation of the old one. Similar books are written by my friend, who works in and he just advised me your blog.

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