25 Books To Read Before 25.

I have no clue that why I waited for the 26th summer of my life to actually come up with this list, but yes, this is the most suggestive list that I can ever come up with (yes, that is, till the 25th year of my life!) – also because Birthday month!

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I have been reading since the beginning of times yet I won’t call myself a voracious reader because I don’t furiously read everyday like so many people that I know but I love to read as and when I get time. During these few years of my life, I have read some beautiful books and I feel it is my moral responsibility to share with the world a list of some literal masterpieces.

The Classics

The Period Classics

The Contemporary Books

Author’s Note

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list. It is completely based on my taste and how I feel that these books are a must read in the early years of one’s life to truly appreciate and love literature. 
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