Month: July 2017

The Art of Ghosting

I have been planning to post this blog post since I don’t know when. But I guess now is the right time. I have gone on a number of dates in my…

The Mini Instagram Post 7. Moonlight.

Even the darkest of times can find it’s way towards the light. I saw the Moonlight- Filled with emotions inside in the night, Burning flames flowing like rain I saw the Moonlight-…

Book Review | The Wise Man Said

The Wise Man Said by Priya Kumar “I believe that I will live for as far as I can see.” In her tenth book, Priya Kumar has maintained her aura of being only…

Life with a Toddler.

Remember when we were small how summer vacations meant one mandatory trip to our maternal grandparents’ house? I am sort of reliving that time after my parents became grandparent – thanks to…

25 Books To Read Before 25.

I have no clue that why I waited for the 26th summer of my life to actually come up with this list, but yes, this is the most suggestive list that I…

Book Review | Loyal Stalkers

The Amazing Racistby Chhimi Tenduf-La Dark tales told humorously. As a reader and a budding writer, authors like Chhimi are true inspiration. From the Amazing Racist to the Panther to the Loyal…

Tea Culture Of The World | About Tea and More

I have never been a fan of tea. In fact, I don’t drink the traditional tea at all. But yes, recently, I have been a big fan of all kinds of green…

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