Confessions of a (Shy) Hopeless Romantic.

I must have mentioned my being a hopeless romantic. But sometimes, I really sit and think if that is true at all. That is true, indeed. But I have never been able to show that hopelessness. And thus I realized that I am nothing but shy.

Having said that, I don’t mean to say that I am shy otherwise. NO. I AM NOT. But somehow, this one field of life always bring out the shy-me.

One contemplation leads to another, and then I reached the conclusion that how my shyness, combined with my romantic hopelessness, actually proves to be one creepy thing, driving away each and every puppy love of mine.

Certain things that I end up doing, knowingly or unknowingly, which I am sure is a story of many hopeless people like me :

I stare. I can stare till death, but I avoid eye-contact.
Now, won’t that creep out anyone? In fact, if I ever notice someone staring at me from the corner of my eyes, I freak out. Then how can I expect my crushes not to? I stare blankly. It is may be due to the fact that I might just start dreaming about that person and I don’t realize that my love-stuck stare has transformed into a deadly glare.

And, when by chance the person stares back, I avoid eye-contact. As quickly as I can. And that my dear friends, is the perfect garnish to the creepiness.

The overdose of sarcasm
People call me sarcasm personified. Thank you for acknowledging my talent, but this talent comes with a very bad side-effect- I can not joke otherwise.

So when around my crush, I will joke. Joke with loads of sarcasm. And yes, that scares away a good lot.

The (un)friendly laughter
As already established, sarcasm is indeed rocket science, people tend not to get my jokes. Usually, I ignore it. But when it’s my gentleman-love on the other side, I will smile to encourage him to laugh. It doesn’t work then I laugh. The weirdest laughter comes out of me. I am sorry for this one. All my once-crush-now-nothing, I am sorry.

The haunting stalker
When I say that, I don’t mean that I stalk people. I have left doing that now. But yes, I might be just around that temporary apple-of-my-eyes, silently.

I don’t know why I do that. Observing, watching and probably coming to a different conclusion for my different day-dreams. No, nothing kinky about them.

Always a do-gooder. Way too good. 
I have no idea why, but I will always be super nice to that one person. I can not deny for any favour that he asks for. I just “try to be nice” with a smile.

No matter how impractical it might seem at the moment, but the passion for being nice just won’t go away!

I love that song. Oh, that one too. You HAVE to listen to them. Love them. Love me. 
Indian cinema has ruined me, I tell you. I just believe that life is that perfect movie. So, if I ever get to talk to him, thanks to the technology these days though, I will make sure he knows which fairy tale-ish song is my favourite and make him listen to it.

It doesn’t end there. I will pester him for his views and feedback.

And that my dear friends, were the confessions of this shy hopeless romantic. I am so sure that things might work better if I end my shyness. I will not at least scare people. Also, I can portray myself as a normal human being. The romance is always out of the picture, it’s just the awkward shyness making me do unusually embarrassing things.

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