My Luxury Escapada | Caravela Beach Resort

My visit to Goa has always been like a chilling stay in a luxurious resort before I venture out to explore the beaches. That is my whole idea to visit Goa – relax before I tire myself again. 
During my last visit to Goa, about which I have already talked about here, I had stayed in this wonderful resort called the Carevela Beach Resort situated in south Goa in Varca. 
The Resort is amazing with great choice of rooms. However, the best thing about any beach resort the constant sound of the ocean which can never bore or irritate you. 
My room had the garden view (I hate last minute booking!) but the view was serene – of course because of the vicinity to the ocean!
The room was decent enough but very clean and hygienic. This was one of the places where you can not complain about the service being poor or the rooms being badly maintained. 
After great afternoon nap, I decided to go for a stroll in the property and the beach. I fell in love with it!
 The lighting was also very enticing. 
Since the sun had already set, I decided to venture out in the beach the next morning around sunrise. 
The inside bar and dining place was also very cool. Though it was surprising to find lesser variety of wine there, the food was good.  One can skip the desserts though. 
The poolside bar of this place is amazing. Have a look!
The next morning, I got up early to catch the sunrise. It was raining so I went to the poolside and I was delighted to see such a clean pool. 

The next few hours was spent at the beach, enjoying the after rain winds and clicking some great pictures. 
Sharing the iconic picture 😉

Author’s Note

I am terribly in need of a relaxing weekend at an exotic place. That is why this post!

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