Loss of Faith in Humanity.

The gang rape case that stirred the nation four years ago finally saw the verdict we all were waiting for.

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It’s elating to see the parents of the unfortunate girl having their faith intact in the judicial system in India and finally, their faith payed off well. And it’s confusing to see people celebrating it so much. Why? Because there must be those heartless human beings celebrating who left Jyoti Singh dying on the road. Or those people who took it as an opportunity to eve tease girls during the candle light marches.

I have nothing to say against the Indian Judicial System. I am glad that this time it took just five years. And we all know it was just the pressure being created by us – thanks to internet and media of all sort that could result in sensationalizing this news. Otherwise in a nation where rape is imbibed in the culture, Jyoti would have still be pining for justice, up above.

Bilkis Bano, another gang rape and religious hatred victim,  received her long due justice after 15 years. Dhanonjay Chaterjee was convicted after 14 years of the crime that he committed – violating a minor. Aruna Shanbaugh died – praying hard for her own death – after living in a vegetative state for 42 years. 

These are the few cases which became famous, thanks to media. However, one rape happens in every 30 minute in India. Most of them go unnoticed – of course, no justice is served as well.

What makes me sad is we have to wait for the extreme punishments to instigate fear in people and of course that is in vain – because of the delay in justice. Why do we need something like capitol punishment for making people understand that something as heinous as rape is WRONG. Killing people is wrong. Invading someone’s body without there consent is wrong as well.

No punishment will ever make anyone understand that. In Saudi Arabia, beheading the convict within days of crime is the punishment for rape. However, Saudi Arabia ranks second nation in world when it comes to the number of rapes registered. Fear doesn’t curb a crime.

The only thing that can ever make these acts of inhumanity stop is self-actualization. And it will take generations for these crimes to stop. Being economically developed and strong will not imbibe back humanity in us. What has made us so cruel that respect an love are mere words in the dictionary for us? What has compelled to be as selfish as we are today? When we make the next generation, we have to make sure that the learn to make a better world, if not the best.

Author’s Note

I hope that karma plays its role and real justice is served to everyone involved in Jyoti’s rape case. Whatever happened to her was extreme and I am glad that a national upsurge made everyone see that.

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  1. I like the last paragraph the most. Love and respect are mere words in our dictionary…very true. We are all responsible for this. Our morals have become so corrupt that the next generation can learn no good from us. The change has to first come in us and then would we be able to pass on the right message to other people. And when people regain morality, the world begins to change.

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